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. r e v i e w s .
«: November 10, 2007, 10:40:55 PM»
did we trade? did i miss you? tell me. and say what happened. i'm a retard.

. alts .

alicia . i.. think she bought tonya off me. i'm not sure.
cheet0r . [cheetah] traded her porn for sum artz. mmluff. -- see ART for longer review. 8D
ciara . bought suffocation form her for 30$. went pretty easily.
cupid . traded meli to me for 8 GDs. fast, smooth. trusted traded. <3
dia . i have no idea what we've traded. but i know we have. she's indecisive sometimes, and tends to go through alts fast.. but i like her. 83 i wish i could buy an alt off her.. very trusty.
dracos/nightmare . i've done two pasts with him in the past. for tonya and.. something else, i don't remember what. they went smooth. he's very nice and understanding. defiantly someone you should trade with.
eilonwyn . traded her suffocation for like.. something, and she spun around not even a day later and sold her for like.. a shitload more. -shrugs- i sold her sirin a little bit ago. it was confusing, but we got it figured out.
gage . he's a good trader, personally. traded octubre to him a longass time ago for some gaia shit. i kinda want her back, but. whatever. he's a friend of mine. so, luff.
jearu . bought alan off her for.. four spaces, i think?
kelly . is love. traded her rockabilly for porno + indiana. glad i did. #SR wouldn't exist as she is i'd never given her rockabilly. LOL. o: she is love. trade with her.
kris/jillie . sold tonya to them for life classics, then bought her back for five spaces.
lofty . do not trade with this person unless you're expecting disappointment. right after my GDs got hacked, she accepted my offer on an alt, Kru. then decided to give it to her 'friend', pokemon, after he had said that the only reason he wanted that alt was to keep me from getting it. she'd seen the logs and everything. and she knows he currently sits in one of my main hangout spots just to piss me off about him having the alt and me not. when i went to talk to her about it, she said it would be an ungodly price just to get an alt.. with two ports. only because she shares it with this guy now, but she had already ACCEPTED my offer. basically, terrible trader. she may seem nice, but she's a fucking.. ugh. i don't know.
rayineus . traded him mortibody for like, 3.75 in scales. fast. gud traderz.
spam . bought spam off him. more trustworthy than i thought. they don't play furcadia, but. whatever. xD
turquoise . one of the coolest people i know. bought astrial from her a long time ago. xD it went really smooth. i think that's what started our friendship. <3

. art .

alabaster sea . commissioned her a long time ago for andi. she had it done in one day. really amazing. 83 dA
astraea . i've commissioned her a lot. she's not exactly the fastest ever, but she's amazing. being amazing takes time, dammit. xD and she has, y'know.. a life. she's lovely. i love talking to her. helped me with my contest i was going to have, but it never got off the ground. <3  dA
cheet0r . [cheetah] i think i've either commissioned or bought like.. 14+ ports/premades from her over the years. yeah. that's a lot. she's probably the most amazing person i've met, ever. even though we recently went through something very bad. i do love her, very very much. and i wish to continue being friends with her for a very long time. she puts up with my shit. 83 i honestly have no idea what the hell i would do if anything happened to our friendship again. i care about her way too much. dA
kiss . commissioned her. i loved it, but editted it without her permission and she got mad. i apologized, everything got worked out, and it's all gud now. 83 i love her; she's a buddy. dieing to commission her again. dA
lucky . she's made ports for me before. excellent ports, really. we went through some bad times. she's a friend now, though.
maylie . commissioned her a while ago. idk how it went. i don't remember. >_<
ms. vename . god knows how many times i've commissioned her. she's speedy, she's nice, she's hot. i love her. you love her. we all love her~ go commission her. she's fucking amazing. dA
nepenthe . commissioned her a -long- time ago, and then again recently. i've paid her, but she hasn't.. finished it for a few months. i don't really care. Dx i love her, even though we don't talk very much anymore.. she's such a sweetie. dA

. digos .
eilonwyn . traded her a port space for 5 gds or something. really fast.
hugo . traded him a port space for gaia crap a long time ago. very trust worthy.
kiss . traded her life primes for 60$. i think i got bitchy sometime, but it ended out alright. luff.
repulse . originally was gonna buy 4 spaces, but i only had two. LMAO. she still bought them, for 10$ instead of 9$! she's really sweet, fast, dependable. i love her. xD
rikki . traded her a port space for 5 gds. was confusing, but she's understanding. want.


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. r e v i e w s .
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aw, you're a poo head ): <3

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. r e v i e w s .
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teehee makes my heart warm. #SO
and my loins.


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. r e v i e w s .
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that's kinky.

clitoris is erecting !!!