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Meh Reveiws<3
«: October 28, 2007, 01:24:31 PM»

Alex Kittencat - Bought the alt Winged off me it was so fast and she didn't fuss and was fair with payment (3GD x1 portart)

Dia - I traded Dia for the alt Kemikal and she was so nice about it and wouldn't fuss shes lovely! Note to self (Buy alts off of her in future! <3)

Holly!!1!<3 - Gave me my first alt on here the alt relax shes so nice <333.

Port art -

Mystical princess - Gave me a kicka$$ anime port for 3GD and a perm in her Build a home "Incredible homes"

Vuxzanpire - Gave me an aursom gryffe port for 1Gd (azeras port)<33 Hes one of my best friends <3

Other -

Demini - Kiwi art!! Also an port artist whos trying to sell some premades. We ought to get back in touch I think I've not seen him for a while ;-;

<33 These ppl rox <3