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The loved and hated
«: October 13, 2007, 09:57:22 PM»
I had to make a thread cause one person I commissioned deserves a good review. A lot of people do.. I just can't remember ALL my treades xD;

Alt Trades:
H!ppie - Bought my alt Mutt for 65$, classics that expire Nov. 10', and the spaces from the ports that they cleared from the alt
--I thought they were an amazing trader <3 Very quick and kind. Even cleared the ports on the alt even though it cost them a bit extra and even had to get a month of batwings to use her paypal to buy the clearing of the spaces. Not only did they buy the batwing month though but they gave it to me. VERY recommended to trade with :3

Art Trades:

Beat - I bought one of Beat's premades and she editted it very fast. I <3 her.

Fengo - Iggy + her art = orgasm. Simple as that. Very fast and reliable. And she's just an awesome person to be around.

Lobsel Vith - Omg. Where to start.. I got one of the deals they have to design my character Kitti and I must say it is amazing <3 I am normally a big pink hater but they made me love the color. Lobsel also did everything fast and it looks awesome. Now I'm looking for another alt to have Lobsel do another xD GO COMMISSION NOWNOWNOW

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The loved and hated
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;-; Thank you sooo much hun <3 I apreciate the reveiw and it's been a pleasure working with you ^_^ I'd do a commish for you anytime.
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The loved and hated
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+ Completed an alt trade with H!ppie c: