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Rai's Reviews
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If I by chance forgot you, please let me know.

Alts and Digos

Kotzen - Bought Sharingan from her for three year classics and two spaces.

Mauser - Traded gaia gold for GD. Friendly and fast.

Requiem - Traded gaia gold for GD as well. Quick and dependable when doing off-site trades.

Arza - Also great when doing off-site trades! She traded me spaces for neopoints.

Hojo - Bought Vira from her for five spaces. She informed me afterwards of a mistake I made regarding password change of which I'm very appreciative of. I would definitely trade with Hojo again.

Pre - Bought Predict from them for 10gd. Quick.

Stephie - Very sweet. She gave me Schwarze for free.

Fennek - They're an amazing trader, and I highly recommend them. Fennek bought Slipknot from me awhile back for 8 spaces -- they found some of their spaces weren't transferable and gave Slipknot back to hold until they were able to get the remaining few over. Extremely reliable.

Rukia Kuchiki - Bought Nekomata from her for three spaces. Very pleasant to deal with and patient while my friend bought and gifted the spaces to her.

Art and Commissions

Did - Bought one of my premades. Patient while I made edits.

shelburne - Bought one of her premades, and she didn't get upset with me when I repeatedly asked her to make confusing edits. Very lovely art worth commissioning.

Silverfeather - Commissioned me for Duet's port, and didn't get upset when I procrastinated. Fast with payment.

Vux - Bought one of their premades. Trade was smooth, and their art is fantastic. A must to commission!

Sad - Commissioned me for their character Sad. Trade was fast, and they were an all-around great costumer.

Lobsel Vith - Naru double commissioned her for our characters. She was wonderfully quick and got them both finished that night. I'm very satisfied, and she does amazing art. Make sure to commission her!
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thanks for the review! and for reminding me of that sharingan trade.

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Yay thanks for the review :D

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+ Sad

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+ A few


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<333333333333333 hrtchain for you. ^^

You're damn right I'm stubborn. Learn to start saying yes instead of no when I'm telling you I'll buy you something next time...  'cause you know you'll be getting it anyway. xD

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thanks! -late

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ahhh, stop being so sweet! >w<