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Tachs is reviewing people.. watch out. :O
«: September 24, 2007, 11:40:10 AM»
eh.. yes. Keeping track.

art Commissions to me (or me giving art for stuff):

-The good: PAID for! That's always good. The pay was absolutely no trouble. Not too strict, and provided good refferences, and swatches. Not pushy, very friendly.
-The bad: Just a slight miscommunication on the crotch of the pants. Not really Vorp's fault, entirely, as my immaturity had a play in it.
-Overall: The perfect customer.


-The good: Paid for, and without a problem. Gave character ref, gave a ref of the clothing she wanted from a site..
-The bad: Honestly, nothing.
-Overall: Once more, perfect customer. x3;

-The good: Gave me free rein on the clothing, the colors.. basically everything, within a certain guideline.
-The bad: Hasn't paid for it. She's proven she wants to, by showing me her paypal. It had the money, but it was unconfirmed. She said she'd have her beau use his credit card to pay me... but nothing has happened. I've been waiting for payment for over a month, now, I believe Update: It's been more than TWO months now, and now she avoids all contact with, reselling it.
-Overall: Since she never paid, I resold it. I recommend never accepting a commission from her, never talking to her, never having any association with her... God, this pees me off.

-The good: Fun character design, I gots paid promptly, and got fun conversation while doing so. x3;
-Overall: <3<3<3

-The good: Gave me good descs, and even a ref for one of the characters. Very patient, and accepting of my situation of computer loss. Very patient.
-The bad: That I had to drop the last picture for the prime wings, because of my situation. That sucked!!!! Oh.. wait, bad about FB? ...Umm, nothing, really. x3;
Overall: VERY trustworthy. Due to my situation, I had no way of checking if she even paid me. But when I did, there it was! Honestly, someone I would draw for again and again! (certainly, I shall offer again, when I get my computer back. >:D) Her kitterwings for two bust colored pencil arts.

Kelshin (again):
Currently selling her the resale Felonious picture. Waiting for reply and offered port space. ^^ Will update once it is all over, but I am sure it will be a wonderful one, once more!



The good: T3h sexy character, thank you. xD Payment was prompt, communicated very well in what he wanted fixed once I showed him the sketch.
The bad: I hate inking.. -_-;
Overall: I loves you, Hali. <3 I gots a port space for this one, and then, a few days later, won another one from him. <3<3

The good: Adorable person, adorable character. Payment was prompt. Much love!
The bad: Huh?
Overall: <3<3<3<3<3<3

Apoth (can't remember her name.):

There was someone else who commissioned me, but I dropped it because of how ridiculous and overbearing they were.. I will post their name as soon as I remember.

art Commissions to others:

Violet Hawk:
-The good: Fast working, and gladly did any changes I asked of her. x3; Very sweet. When Fel didn't pay me, which was what I was going to pay her by, she was very patient in waiting until I got money in some other way to pay her. Much love~! <3
-The bad: Nothing, really.
-Overall: <3<3<3<3


The good: The hair. That's all. That's bloody freaking all. The hair looked pretty--but still wasn't Tachs's hair do!
The bad: Oh, dear god, I don't even know where to start... First, she never bothered to show me her sketch. She was very air-headed about showing me any of the updates on it, and it took asking her ten to twenty times, repeatedly, for her to show me an update even once or twice (as that's all I ever got to see!), as she'd just go and begin talking to someone, and completely "forget". When the port was almost done, after about a week or two, she suddenly decided she didn't like it, scrapped it, and started a new one. I didn't see a single update on this. So, two or so months later, days before I was just going to demand my money back, she pops out of nowhere, on some alt I've never seen her on (me having not been able to contact her on the names I knew her on for ages), and gives me...this../crappy/ port. The outfit is completely wrong but for the STAR on the shirt, the shading was horrible and over contrasted, the right arm looked broken, the tail was pink, scaley, and non-remapable, not a single marking matched what I showed her to do (I gave her over five pictures to go off of!), and her butt somehow transfered to the other side of the picture..
Overall: This was just horrible, and I will never, /ever/ commission her again.

Art trades!!!:

Positively the most enjoyable trade I've ever made. x3; He was good humored, worked fast, and happily. Wonderful communication, and I enjoyed drawing his character!

<3<3 Fun fun! I should give her a scanner, though, because, judging by her budding skill on the computer, she must definately have good paper drawing skills!! The character was fun to draw, too. x3;; Mmmm, goats.

<3 Hugo finished within the first day, I believe, of the trade. >:O Very fast, and purtyful arts! I really liked drawing Hugo's Spy.. Spy kind of looks like one of my old characters, soooo.. really fun. x3; I wanna trade again!!! >:O

Alt trades!:

Brandy Bear:
Traded a sketch of the character in the new port she'd just aquired, for her alt "Faquarl", whom I've been looking for for months. x3;; The trade went great, and she sounded very impressed with how fast I produced the art. I had the alt fully reemailed and repassworded within minutes, and we were both on our merry way. x3; <3<3 Thank you Brandy!

DIGO trades!:

Traded fifteen GDS for three port spaces. S/he proved very trustworthy, as I asked that they gift two of them to a very special someone, and they did. Thank you!

Got a port space or two from them. xD Can't remember well, but it went well. <3 Thank you!


Tell me if I've forgotten anyone.

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Tachs is reviewing people.. watch out. :O
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+Brandy Bear

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Tachs is reviewing people.. watch out. :O
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Tachs is reviewing people.. watch out. :O
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+Kelshin, again
+update on Felonious

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Tachs is reviewing people.. watch out. :O
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+ hugo <3<3

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Tachs is reviewing people.. watch out. :O
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Tachs is reviewing people.. watch out. :O
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Thank you for the review~ ^^ -is Corey, btw-

You did him justice with your art. I loves it still.

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Tachs is reviewing people.. watch out. :O
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x3;;; I loved drawing him. <3<3

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Tachs is reviewing people.. watch out. :O
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Tachs is reviewing people.. watch out. :O
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I don't know if most of this stuff is even up to date.. I'm just too angry to care, right now.