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W00t Reviews. :3
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I have a couple right now, not to many but its best to give people who do a good job the credit they deserve. :3

Brandon: Traded two portrait spaces for 10gds. :3 Was very nice, and put up with me not knowing how to add a lump sum of scales to a trade. Very good indeed. :3

(Im missing a whole bunch of people who traded spaces with me, please lemme know! All of them went really good! But names would be nice :3)

Kristen: Was kind enough to still give me Lazlo for 3gds when I had originally offered 5gds (Then I found an alt I had been looking for for a while and spent me munnies.) Which was VERY nice of her, the trade went off without a hitch finished trading and sent me the password right away. :3

Volgowrath: OH MAI LORD! Love him! Traded 10gds for the alt Ryouga, which is mah FAVORITE Ranma character. :3 So I am really excited about this, anyway. Was very quick to get back to me, finished the trade and send me the pass straight away. :3 (With a little problem on mah side cause I forgot that passwords were case sensitive. D: )

Lobsel Vith: YAY WEISS FAN! I was sad to let mah Nagi Go, but I was very glad that I was able to give him to someone who will love him! (I was sad to see brad go too.) And its nice to know that they wont rot! :3 ABOUT THE TRADE SILVER lol. Neway trade went by very smoothly (for once mah computer wasn't stupid on mah part.) and I would totally trade from Vith! Viths teh BOMB! (Also Ima putting Weiss on hold for ya Vith. :3 Since I dun wanna sell them to non fans!)

El-ahrairah: Oh mai gawd total love here! I wanted his alt Gurk, but I don't have a super-de-duper lot of munnies right now because a local county fair is coming up and I am saving money so I can treat mah nana's to lunch and the fair ect. (Lol I dun think you wanna hear mah life story.) But he was a little to pricey for me at this moment, however El-ahrairah lowered the price for me and then even CONTACTED ME about it. (Which he SO didn't have to do.) The trade went super quick with no hitches and then he gave me a whole bunch of cookies! (Which mah computer proptly ate without me saying eat-cookie) which was lame but never the less it was cool to have a buttload of cookies! Thankies!!

Sana: Finished the Art really fast and it looks SO great! :3 Sent the file right away after I paid and also taught me how to gift dragonscales which is very nice. :3

Experience: Very good arts I love her Duet port she made! (Now only if I could trade mah fricken port spaces to put it up stupid limits) neway! She was very nice about me missunderstanding the price (I get confused easily sometimes :p ) and didn't chew me out about it, which was nice. :3 I fixed it right away but still she could have lost it on me and she didn't) Sent the file to me right away!


If I miss you please let me know and I will do it right away. :3


W00t Reviews. :3
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Thank you <3

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W00t Reviews. :3
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