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Adam's reviews.
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Smaller list. If I forgot you please, tell me.

Calico/Kiss: Great trader! Traded Dave and wings for Fury Very kind and trust worthy. Thank you.

Hate/Monroe: Great person and even greater trader. Traded Sorrow for Life Triwings then Frog for 10 Gold Dragonscales. Very nice person to be around. I recommend that if she ever offers you a trade, take it. She is great.  :o

Usagi: This was a digo trade. GD for primes. Very smoothly, nice transaction. Great job.

Mauser: Earl and Phillip for a space. Smooth, easy. Thank you!

Shelby: Graffiti sold for a space. Good trade

Turquoise: Carousel for art. Very good job. Thank you. :)

Superman: Fastest trade ever! Very very smooth. Very kind person. Traded Precious to him. Thank you very much!

Mychelle: <3! Thank you so much. Traded me Sad.  Very good trader. Went very smooth.

Plastic: AFI for Susie. Fast and smooth trade.

Smurf(FAM name): GD for a few alts. Very kind! One of my favorites.

Tanner: good trader. nuff said. amazing even.

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Adam's reviews.
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