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A-K Reviews
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SUPER AWESOME----------- (I cant remember all of you ;; )
Superman - Amazing person! She bought one of my premade ports for a pricy amount. It was snail-mail and she sent the money before she got the port. She was also calm and patient, since she wanted wings on the premade, but there was no wings on the port. The style of the premade was hard to regain, so it took me a while to finish. But Superman was patient with me. Excelent person to deal with and talk to. Very trustworthy!

Cestal - Fucking amazing person! She bought my cat and kitten avatars for the autoprice (50$). She is a fun person to hang with while the money and avatars were being switched. She was also calm with me, since this would be the first actual thing for me with paypal, she helped me with it. She didnt get hastey, and she didnt start snapping when I asked her these whole bunch of questions. (She gladly paid the paypal fee thing, thank you!) She is a great person to deal with and what I can consider a sweet friend.

Reishae - Where to start? I claim her as my sister. One of the few that actually stuck around and stayed with me. We have been through so much shit that it is insane. We helped each other out when it was needed, as well as getting commissions/selling each others alts. xD Great times! Amazing and awesome person if you don't get on her bad side! <33333

Splice - Awesome person and one of my closest friends! I made her a present that she seem overjoyed for <33 I couldn't help myself! Lol Even gave her the space to put the port on- hell, she didnt have one and since she has been there for me for so many times, why not ya know?

Sycophancy - Made her an early b-day present too- I think she was overjoyed! I dont remember to well on what she thought of it exactly. But it was another gift, a rare thing for me that seems so common. Awesome friend too!

and the not so great arnt listed. Though they should be listed- just for the sake of them not being as trustworthy as the ones listed above. Ill list part of the names, if you guess them then good for you! ^^;

Zir/Sca - One of the recent things that happened to me. Trade one alt for the other- the other was trying to apply for something (at the time, we didnt know what we could of done to remove it and whatnot). After a while, she somehow stole the alt back. Now I am not able to get the alt I traded, nor the alt that was frozen.

Vor - He/She commissioned me for two ports. I got the first one done and gave it to him/her- he/she paid and all of that. They said that they loved to port- absolutely loved! But I soon found out that he/she didn't even like the port. Reason why I didn't finish the second- it wasn't paid and why finish the second when you were lied to on the first? He/She could of told me so I could fix it before the upload. Ah well. Good person and all, but yeah.

I missed so many people. If I missed you and you want to be posted up here then pm me or post here.

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Thank you very much. -bows.- You're too kind.
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