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shinji's reviews <3
«: August 19, 2007, 11:33:21 AM»
well, i've done a few trades lately, and i wanted to put them here. :D

[[.~.]]alt trades[[.~.]][/b]

Rinoa- sdfkljsd Really, really good trader. <333 Traded my life classics + 10 GD for Rukia Kuchiki. <333333 ilu.
Ryu/Safe- Really good trader. :D Traded the alt Safe for the alt Identity! <3

[[.~.]]digo trades[[.~.]][/b]

[[.~.]]honorable mentions[[.~.]][/b]
Ashlee/Gaara[/color]- my cousin. <33 she's a very good trader and very reliable. she's also an awesome port artist. :D

..If I forgot you, tell me, and I'll be sure to put you up.

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shinji's reviews <3
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<33 (safe=love) thanks again!