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Steph's Reviews - discontinued as well
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No longer doing reviews (it just takes too much time) instead I'll use that nifty little reviewer thing on our profiles :B

Alt Trades or Art!:

Abandon and I traded my alt Eiri for 5gds. It was a fast trade and all went well :) thanks Abandon

Alexandra did some lovely shading on my wolf port. Amazing artist and shader!

Amber; well we traded my once DNB and shared (but then the person who I was sharing it with came out and said that they'll probably never come back to furc so I got really angry..but anyway!) alt Nocturnal for life butters :) We didn't bother waiting for either of us to come online due to hectic schedules so we PM traded xP All went well, thanks Amber!

Amy; she's a very kind person who sold the alt Heiress (which I've always had my eye on >.>) and Harvard, (another pretty alt :>) for $15 paypal cash :D Really nice person and great trader :)

Angelic and I traded 2 port spaces for the awesome alt Nocturnal and 1 port spaces for alt Mag and she also shaded one of my wolf ports. Also we traded some prime wings for her alt Winsor. Also traded Jacques for 10GDS. I've always had my eye on this alt and she was nice enough to drop the price from its original price of 15GDS to 10, nice person and smooth trade :>

anora drew a lovely sketch of Stephie for only 1GDS :D good artist that takes 'any'(?) amount x3

Antropov bought my two alts Deven and Slick for 20GDS. Smooth and quick trade, also a very kind person :>

Ath bought my alt Makai for 3gds. It was a rather lengthy trade but we finally traded. All went well :)

Atticus bought my two alts Dinner and Breakfast for 4gds! At first I thought they'd forgot about our trade but alas! it all went good :) Thanks Atticus

Bacon was a really kind person who was willing to wait the x amount of days for my paypal to go through for the awesome alt Bicker! I've always wanted this alt and she sold it to me for only $5 US, thanks again Bacon!

Bam and I traded my old alt Cuts back for 25gds :D He was kind enough to wait the extra two days while I was distracted with work and trying to get the money. Bam is understanding (which is very important!) and a very awesome person to trade with. Trade with him now #SH

Beckster traded .50 for my alt Squeal! All went well :D

Bizzare and I traded my alt Roswell for Wolfrunner who was ported 1x. All went well until I wasn’t told that the port was stolen :’( still trying to get it removed without paying money >.>

candi [FAZ] Well this wasn't one of my best experiences of buying a premade port. I had bought it and paid in full to her alt Antibiotic * for this awesome premade wolf port that I have now on my alt Splat. Then a couple of months later I see that this other alt has the same port. (The owner of that alt was awesome enough to get the port removed, I can't thank them enough!) The owner of that alt tells me that candi said I'd never paid for the port so I checked logs and of course I did. Just the fact that candi had called me the liar when I hadn't done anything wrong at all but pay $6 for a port, a port she'd sold to god knows how many people. I look forward to getting this resolved soon.. but as for now I wouldn't deal with candi again. update: Okay we got this resolved, candi had just forgot that they sold it to me :)

Carm sold me the alt Nursery (finally got it back) for only my expiring phoenix and my alt Bert. Everything went smooth :>

Carnaval and I traded my classics for 6GDS, she's a very kind person who didn't mind the fact that I completely ignored my thread on furc forums >.> All went all :D

Checker and I traded my alt Hither for year butters, smooth trade and really nice person :D

Cheetah is, well as I'm sure you all know, an amazing artist who I've commission to do my Stephie port which I love to death :( She's very affordable and was kind enough to wait for my stupid paypal. I highly recommend :)

Clementine and I traded my alt Call for one gds. All went well and a quick trade!

Clemson bought the alt Barry Burton off of me for a port space. All went well

Cletus bought my alt Splat for only 13gds. Since we really couldn't catch each other online we did a PM trade :> Fast trade and it was all good

Crispin and I traded alts, alts that I'm not going to say the names of >.> Awesome trader and everything went well :D

D0ggie bought my alt Wolfrunner for 3gds. It was a fast trade and I finally got rid of that alt. Thanks D0ggie

Davis and I traded the ever so lovely alt Handcuffs ;3 for only 1gds :D Really inexpensive and a good trader :)

Decline and I did a quick trade of my alt Foggy for 3GDS :D all went well :>

Demi bought my alt Alexandra for only 3 port spaces and it was so worth the wait :D

Devoted bought my alt Tarra when I needed to sell it most :D You see I'm going after Stephanie and selling Tarra for a life phoe has really helped me reach more so towards my goal. Thanks so much Devoted :) She's great to trade with and nice :D

dro [FAZ] may be new to port drawing but you wouldn't know it with the amazing port they drew for my alt Abusive. Followed every detail I asked for and it was super cheap too! go commish now >:(

DwyII and I traded 1 port space for 5GDS. Since I was like never on due to work we just gifted each other the space and money. Very trusting and good trader :)

Edo did a lovely port for my alt Eiri Yuki for 7gds. Very nice person to deal with and a pretty fast artist if I do say so myself. Thanks Ed!

El-ahrairah traded my beloved Tobey (I miss him ;~;) for the alt Rawlf. Great trader :D

Eli traded me the lovely ported alt Arlo for my alts Bright, Door, Oil and Mayor. Great trader and had to put up with my one alt having a port space that was too small ;~;

Enjoyment and I traded my alt Beanbag for 15GDS, all went well :D

Enya and I traded my alt Malachite for 3gds, all went well, like usual :> and we traded my alt Buzz for 8GDS and she helped me get out of dept :D Good trader and thanks again ^^

Etoile; I really don't know how to thank her enough! Drew me a free Stephie port that kicks ass! <33

Fire Burn is one of the nicest port artists like ever ;~; He drew my my Stephie feral port for free (which rocks!) then I commissioned him for my kitter Stephie port and he did everything I requested to be done in my port :) Highly recommended!

Fuko and I traded my alt Hime for 6gds. Really nice person and fast trade :D thanks!

Gage and I traded the alt Candy Corn for two(?) port spaces. All went well!

goldie. We traded her awesome alt Snitcher for 11gds and a rose :D I was soo happy to have the alt, I'd been after it for some time now :B

Hate and I traded the awesome alt and male version of my main ;) Stevie for my life pheo! After much negotiation Hate ended up paying $5 to clear the trans date on my pheo for Stevie instead of the original plan of Stevie for life classics. Awesome trader and all went well :)

Heathy bought my alt Enslave for 1gd! All went well and also a very kind person to trade with. Thanks Heathy!<3

Hesha, we traded my alt  Kyuubimon for 30GDs. Very kind person and easy to work with :D I'd trade with her again!

Heth traded the alt Tortured for my old alt Zaka but failed to mention that Tortured had a stolen port :s Ohwell, I'm still currently trying to get it removed :(

Heroshima and I traded 15GDS for 3 of his port spaces :D smooth trade, all went well and fast :>

Hitler sold the best alt ever, COLIN for only 2 port spaces! Best deal I've ever got! Great trader :D

Hojo and I traded my alt Dean for a life phoe :D Awesome person and smooth trade! And also my second lifer >:D

Hybrid traded four port spaces for 20GDS. Very nice person even though I had to cancel the spaces from the first time she's super nice :D

Illegal is one of the best feral artists eva! She did a port for my alt Voltage that I love! I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a port for their wolf alt to go to her now! :D

Jen<3 bought my alt Ease for 10SDS, all went well :3

Jov and I traded alts. She gave me the very awesome alt Photo for my alt Eww. She's a very sweet person to trade with and all went well. She also bought my alt Yash for 5gds when I was in DIRE need for money because of another alt trade. She was so nice and since she helped me I gave her a snug, woo!
jpak bought my white sorry roses for 2.5GDS each :) also she drew me an amazing Stephie port for my alt Clue. Highly recommended artist and a great trader :D

Julie and I did a quick trade of 3 types of roses for 4GDS :) She helped me payback a friend and she was kind enough to let me buy the roses for only 4gds rather than the 5. Thanks Julie :)

Katsuya is just wow, srsly. This person wanted my alt Cash so bad that they took me up on my insane offer of a lifer for my alt Cash. This person even got other members involved so they could get the name of my dog for a friend. I super, highly recommend trading with this person because not only are they really sweet and fun to talk to but also the type of trader that says "when I want that alt, I'm gonna get it >:)" Yay for Katsuya<3!

Kelly drew me a lovely picture of Stephie for only 1GDS! Fast and just a really nice person all around :D go commission her now plz :<

Kickass bought my alt Merla for an amount of scales which I don't remember. Good trader and all went well.. like everyone else :D

Kimbley gave me ~30GDS for my alt Mero. Fast and smooth trade :> Also Kimbley took part in the Cash for life gryffe trade and she was the one who forked over the gryffe and 10gds so I guess I have her to thank a million too! Kimbley was really fun to trade with (fun as in she picks interesting dreams xD) and also really kind :D Go trade with her now >:\

Kolyn bought my alt Lyndsay for one port space! Really nice person to trade with and also a quick trade. Thanks Kol!

Kotzen and I traded my alt Bush for 5GDS :D like her sister, fast and very reliable :D +++ also Kotzen drew me a super cute Stephie port for only $5. She was originally closed for commissions but she did one for me anyway <3 Thanks Kotzen <3!

Koyuki traded me the lovely alt Xoo for $15 paypal! All went well except for the little confusion on if the payment cleared or not but it all worked out fine :D

Kyle, we traded his alt Shindou Shuichi that was ported 3x for only 10gds :) Kyle was nice enough to wait again for my silly paypal. Thanks Kyle :3

L and I traded some prime wings (that I'd later trade for the awesome alt Winsor) for my alt Wii :D Smooth trade and all went well B)

Law and I traded my beloved alt Law for her loved alt Anxiety! All went well and a quick trade :D A+!

Liberal is an awesome person who has made her way to the second spot on my top trades! She and I traded my loved alt Shroom for life classics and $50 US. All went extremely well and she was kind enough to promise she'd take care of Shroomy and not pass him around like AIDs ;~; Thanks so much Liberal for the awesome trade!

Lobsel Vith paid tris, 2 port spaces and a black rose and 15SDS for my alt Lucius Malfoy also he's a great artist! Drew my joined Stephie and Miada port for a small(?) payment of $40 >.> all and all great person and trader <3

Local Anti-Social. We traded my 5gds for the alt Yash which had a lovely port along with it ;3 Smooth and quick trade :)

Lyndsey and I traded 5GDS for her awesome alt Shiny :D I thought the alt was only ported once with its sezzy port but I guess it's ported two times. Awesome trade :D

Mae bought the alt Maku for a port space off me as soon as I made it :D everything went okay until I got insulted for being shallow :< I guess I should contact these people three years after I've owned the alt and be all "okay it's for sale now ^_^" It was a smooth trade all in all though

Majas is a lovely port artist that I commissioned to do a port for my alt Cash! Amazing artist, go commish now D:<

Malyce, we traded my alt Aviator for only 2 port spaces :) All went well and a fast trade

Manga bought my alt Misunderstood for 5GDS. All went well and Kirin is a fun person to talk to :D and just recently, Manga and I traded again! My alts Eiri Yuki and Shindou Shiuichi for $55 US. We had some problems with Shindou but it all worked out. Again, Manga is a really sweet person and nice to chat with- I highly recommend!

Marik did some awesome shading for me on my port I made for my alt Warning. Fast artist and a good one none the less :D

Mauser, ohdear, where do I start! Millions of trades with me selling alts to her and only once have I bought an alt from her. All in all, she's the greatest trader I've ever dealt with and is always friendly! ++++++review :D

Mel, her and I traded a port space for her alt Tera and I've given her many free alts and she drew me a free port for my alt Kept in return! All went well; she's just an awesome person and artist! ;P

Metallics, we traded my beloved alt Metallic for his alt Benitora and a port space! Really nice person and I'm glad to give him a hand in finding a wanted alt ;P All went well <3

Murder and I traded my alts Unwanted and Unloved for her alt Aundrea which came with a phoe B) fast smooth trade :) thanks!

Naihurnn and I traded one port space for the alt Nadezhda. All went well, like all my other trades x3

Nakmoru bought the alt Enough off of me for 2gds and it was again another really quick trade. He was fun to trade with and also a really nice person to hang out with after the trade. I highly recommend :D

Nat traded the alt Tayler for only one port space :D All went well!

Natalie gave me 6 month tri wings for my beloved alt Bank D: Nice person and all just accidentally sent the tris to the wrong furre so I only got like 5 month tris ;;

Nido and I traded the alt Nido for only 2GDS. All went well :D

Nikki Syxx; we traded my alt Snitcher (who I just got ;;) for her alt Eww. She wanted Snitch a lot so I felt bad and decided to trade x) fast trade like almost everyone else :)

Nursery (Yeah I know I own the alt now, I bought it from someone else but anyway..) (FAM member? I'm not sure but Nursery is her character) this is my first negative review :D but anyway, at first Nursery seemed to be a great person and we traded my alt Sunrise + my ferian for her alt Nursery. I showed her the port before hand and she agreed to trade so we traded and all went well :) Then about five minutes later her friend whispers me that she wants to trade back because people are making fun of her port and name and she can't take it anymore. I would've preferred that she whispered me this but whatever; I really liked the alt and why should it be my problem that people are making fun of your name and port? She could've easily traded off Sunrise or got it re-ported. Now I'm stuck having my ferian on an alt I rarely use for 60 days because of a trade-back. Whatever, this was my first trade back and it's bound to happen to everyone until I see that I was getting whispers on Nursery from the current owner of Nursery's friend asking what I'd set the email to. Her name is A'Marie and she was trying to steal the alt back. I told her that doesn't she realize what she's doing is theft but I don't think she understood that Nursery had a new owner, me. Then she said, "Oh I was just trying to help you out." then I replied with, "Yeah and that's theft and you could get banned from furc." then she left. Therefore! In conclusion, I highly recommend you don't trade with this individual because although they may be a nice person they also sick (thieving) friends after you and complain about what other people think. that is all.

Oz gave me 1GDS for my alt Collars- smooth traded and everything.

Penelope gave me the alt Hither for only 6GDS and then she gave me 10GDS for my classics and my beloved alt Herb ;~; [I was desperate for scales :(] but really a good person and good trader!

Pez, we traded $20 for her alt Zexi, she was even kind enough to give me his password before I gave her the money :>

Phantom and I traded a port space for 5GDS in under a minute! Not only an amazing artist but fast trader <3

PuppetMuse gave me the alt Abusive (<3!) for only 40 cents! Went well and highly trusted :D

Pyro bought my alt Belladonna for life classics which was my first and only lifer :D Great artist (as you probably already know) and just as good trader :D Thanks again!

Qo bought my alt Black Jack for $30 and two port spaces :) After a bit of confusion and fixing my alt from Black_Jack to Black Jack, all went well.

Rhea drew me an awesome wolf port and gave me a few scales for my old alt Shrooms. Awesome artist and smooth trade!

Rikki; I bought her a port and she did me a free Chibi Frank port. I've given her the alt Shohei and some others and she gave me alt Chibi Gerard for free :D so I commissioned her to draw me a Chibi Gerard port and it rocks! Really nice person all in all

Rilo bought my alt Gut for a port space and we traded alts Huck for her alt Shoot. Awesome trader B)

Ringo took my alt Shoot (took as in we traded D:) for his lovely alt Beanbag! I've always liked this alt and I've always liked Shoot too >.> I think it was a fair trade though :D Good trader :>

Sana and I have traded my alt Prince Zuko for Kitters and alt Ephraim for 8GDS. All went well and she's a very nice person! :D

See-wai and I traded my rather old alt Toxins for 20GDs. Fast and smooth trader and also very friendly :D

shaziruth bought a port space off me for 5gds. Fast good trade!

Shriek paid two port spaces and got my alt Prancer :D These spaces really helped when I needed 'em bad x) Good trader!

Sindustrydrew Miada's AWESOME port for my alt Gasoline. The port was soo worth the like month wait :D xD She also traded my alt T-Virus for 2 port spaces and 5GDS. All went well :D

Sir and I traded 11GDS for my old alt Dem. Smooth trade :)

Slang drew me an amazing port for my alt Shroom. Even though I had to wait like 7 months for the commission (I didn't care, I was in no rush xP) it was worth the wait and she even gave me 'sorry for the wait' gift art. Go Slang! If you want trippin' style of art go commission her <3

Smosh and I traded my alt Nursery for their alt Fleas. Always an alt I wanted and I finally got, thanks Smosh!

Snake is a super awesome person! She traded me ~$27GDS for $20 paypal and gave me the scales even before she received the money. Highly recommended and also a great artist!

SOAREN FAZ drew me a lovely port for my alt III and she only charges 3gds! She also offered to draw me a free sketch of III because she was "slow" on doing the port.. srry, a couple of days isn't slow >:( Very nice! Highly recommend.

Sol and I traded 2GDs for my alt Bin, all went well :>

Spike and I traded 8GDS for brand new butter wings! Fast trader and all went well ^^ and omg, Spike is by far one of the best non-remap artists ever! He did a drop-dead gorgeous "Lost Stephie" port for my alt Stephie for only 5gds. I don't know why he doesn't have a mile long list for people to commission him >:( he's cheap and a awesome artist who pays attention to detail. Go commish him now >:(

Sliff. is so awesome, srs. She traded me the amazing alts Abra and Fix for my alt Photo. Everything went well, this girl rocks

Squeaky bought my two alts Colourblind and Muzzle for a 7+ month Phoe. All went well and a good trader :D then she also bought my alt Benitora for 15GDS, again fast trade all went well x)

Staccato bought my alt Tango for 3 year tris and also bought my alt Bonfire for 1 port space. Nice person and great trader :D

Superman is one of the nicest people you'll ever come in contact with, srsly and she writes the best reviews (no matter how small of a trade you do with her :D) But back to my trade review! I traded Super for 4GDS and all went well ^^

Tombstones sold me the very cute alt Tsukia for only 12GDs :D and she thought she'd never be able to sell an alt-ha! All went well and she's also a very kind person and you should trade with her plz ;~;

Tissue sold her lovely alt Essay for only a port space :D First ported alt I've ever bought B) Great trader!

Trixi and I traded my alts $kye Tigar and Weak for her alt Kurtis and 2.5gds :D All went well :>

Tony; we did a quick trade of a port space for my alt Tauros. All went well and a quick trader, thanks Tony

Troi and I traded my alt Jukebox for Troi's ported alt Rambi. All went well :)

Tungsten; well our trade started off like a drug deal.. I said that the word in the street was that he was selling and I was looking to buy. Thank god it was only for port spaces! I bought three off this very nice dealer and it was probably one of my fastest trades ever. Go to this guy if you ever need spaces, I don't think he'll ever run out!

Undaunted gave me 1GDS for my alt Bats :D again, all went well x)

Vada and I traded the alt Arousal for one port space :> and sold my alt Herbert for 20GDS. Smooth trade :)

Vegeta drew me a lovely port for my alt Metallic for only one port space! Great artist, highly recommended :3

Vibe and I traded 6GDS for my two alts Edit and Exam at 3GDS each :) I think Vibe was a little surprised as to how fast I responded to his post on my thread >:) but we traded and all went well :) Thanks Vibe!

VORPALMUSE traded the alt The Doctor for my highly needed 3.7GDS. Thanks again, soo much! <3

Wink. We traded my alt Alydar for 15GDs. It was a quick trade and everything went well :) Thanks Wink!

xenon drew me a Stephie port back in the day and a Miada port just recently, great artist and great prices :D ohyes, we've also traded $10 for her alt Xuxa. Even more recently she drew a very sexy port for my alt Handcuffs

Zappy FAZ drew me a super awesome non-remap port for Stephie for only 8gds! Her port art is beyond words and her non-remap ports are as well! Go commission Zappy right now!

Zehnavix and I traded her alt Pinstripe for a port spaces and 3gds. She originally wanted 10gds but was nice enough to help me in my time of need. Smooth trade and really nice person

Zippy traded me a gryffe (omg I finally got one ;~;) for only 4.11 gds! Now I'm happy :D Thank you!

zoo york is an amazing portist! She drew me a lovely port for my alt Sniffer Dog for my ferian. I highly recommend you commission her now!

And these are the people I've gave free alts to :) (why do you list them? Encase one of these alts get frozen they can come to me [who made them] to get them unfroze? idk)
Drawn to Phae
Panasonic to Shyntastic!
Arejay to Helmut
Tawney to Corin
Beautiful Disgrace to Akarui-Kurai
Pocahontas to Rupert
Gimmick to Bioterrorist
138 to Finale
Sundown [:(] to Venomous
Crystal Nightfall to Moynelle
Rattus to Detox
Hiroshi Nakano to Edo
Mieya to Courie
Balderdash to Anarchy
Fidchell to Travos
Tay Tay to Rukia
Ryuzaki to Ryu
Lis to Lenny
Misunderstanding to DestinyDing
Ethnic to anora
Dan Phantom to Hugo
Slide to Mexy
Ash Williams to Baroque
Schwarze to Raito
Redfield to Kimbley
Lawyers to Alex Cabot
Factory + Electronic to Mauser
Motorola to Hamz
Away to Godfather
Catbus to Euro
Fugazi to Phuket
Morab to Indiri
Pop Quiz to Indiri
Mambo to Airehead
Dask to Ooi
Gosh to Superman
Ahead, Classes, Hours, Votes to Ducktator
Code Veronica to Brynn
Mermaidman and Barnicle Boy to Lyncher
Spices to Jacki~
Counsel to Tiggers
Taxes + Rosemont to Vast
Asmoday to Pawns
Dominated to Larken
Replaced to Rainbow
Rolo to Grimmy
Knock + Midi to Vacation
Tent to Vanner
Tips + Spelt to Fook
Unlisted to Skymal3
Capital to Parlay
Volts to Jack O'Neill
Alexandar to Billie
Editor to Foxed
Heterophobe to Fall
Gilly to Iydia
Zapped to Bobby Robbins
Dreamweave to Biologist
Saxaphone to Markie
Look + Online to Plankton
Supper to Anti-Riku
Zigg to Asyd
Rede to Lynn
Dr. Otto Octavius to Tom Green
8 Miles + Nibs to Mekiao
Redo to Kats
Bugle to Gackt
Moosic to Philip
Download and Lawsuit to Smudge
Crew + Scope to Giratina
Reports + Nonresitant to L Ryuzaki
Metal Gear + Boxxy to Nicolai
Zub to Rikadu
Desert Storm to shadowkat1011123
Furioso to sparknpad
Nonresistant to Plague Doctor
Speech to Starbit
Gays to Saniiro
Stormy Sky + Horses + The Dog Pound to Organs
Economic + Wind Dance to  Deadbeat
Calso to Johnny
Kevin Ryman to Alana
Fags to MillieMop
Stormy Nights to Lifthrasir
Schwarzes to Shuggah
Mixes to Prophecy

[so many more, really.]
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Dun forget.
I gave you your Tatsuha for Sleazoid =x

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You gave me Ryuzaki

Cause you rock like that <3

Thanks again~

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you gave me Tay Tay. :o

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Fixed everyone x3

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10GD for classics/Herb

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updated! maybe I should start on the better version soon >.>

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i keep forgetting to post here lool

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Quote from: "Sana"
i keep forgetting to post here lool

It's all good :>


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Artica = Merla for some amount of scales x)

rofl, i had literally forgot who i got merla from. i'll be sure to put you in my review thread.

but i'm not artica anymore. (:

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I guess I trade with too many people xD it was a while back that's all I know :(

-fixes name-


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Quote from: "Stephie"
I guess I trade with too many people xD it was a while back that's all I know :(

-fixes name-

it was really long ago O: i still love my merla <3

thanks :D

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I bought Candy corn off you

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thanks for all of those alts! <3

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Gage; Ohyeah that's right ^^ +you

Mauser; Thanks for Dean ;3

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+people and finally made it look pretty(?) :s

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thanks for the review! <3

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+Metallics and Hojo and you're welcome Kotzen ^^

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+ people

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I boughts Wii off you ;3
Mojo/Sheikah in-game

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Quote from: "L"
I boughts Wii off you ;3

Ohyes that's right :D -adds-

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Hiya *waves* , tis I'm actually Devideo but I have changed my name since Katsuya seems to be my main after it had been given to me by the friend who I wanted to get Cash for ^^

Thank you so much for the awesome review, *blushes*, tis, it has been a pleasure trading with you, especially since this is my first time trading on the alt market, believe it or not. And even though things had become rather complicated, you were still brilliant in how you were able to handle it all... tis, I was worried that you might get fed up with me or something xD But then again, I'm glad that it turned out for the best and I hope that you'll enjoy everything that you got out of the trade and that your future trades would be as good as this one, tis, you really deserve it for being awesome! ^^
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