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Dwy's Reviews
«: August 13, 2007, 07:54:54 PM»
Removed since they were all art-related and I apparently broke the rules.


Dwy's Reviews
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<33 :)


Dwy's Reviews
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<3333333 ilu lololol. :>

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Dwy's Reviews
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+ Chris/Azrael


Dwy's Reviews
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Meee. <3 The butters auction thingymajig. D:

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Dwy's Reviews
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<3333 ILYDWY annnnnnnnnd I told you if it was to much trouble to tell me, I woulda taked it the way it was, I didint expect the port, plus I forgot about it, It was alonnnng time before i talked to you about it xD but i luff you<3 your awesome, people should commission dwy :3
Jealousy on Furcadia ;p

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Dwy's Reviews
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i commissioned you a couple times for sketches of my chars x)


Dwy's Reviews
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Anika Kitten

Dwy's Reviews
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I do pay, I just spent the money I commissioned you with for something sweet, and I am sorry for spamming at you, Thought we made it clear and apologized, Sowwy. Ani.

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Dwy's Reviews
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PLease refrain from using any kind of categorizing between "good" and "bad". Including colors, more details are posted in the rules of the forum. Thanks!

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Dwy's Reviews
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Thank you very much, you are a fantastic person to commission.
I really loved the port and you were very quick and generally fantastic. ;)