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Aastah! =)
«: August 12, 2007, 07:14:23 PM»
The alt Aastah was stolen recently from myself. I don't know how it happened, just did..

[ You whisper "..." to Aastah. ]
[ You whisper "You're on a stolen alt, I hope you realize that. =)" to Aastah. ]
[ Aastah whispers, "...?" to you. ]
[ Aastah whispers, "mhm, what ever you say." to you. ]
[ Aastah whispers, "This alt isn't stolen." to you. ]
[ Aastah whispers, "Someone sold her to me yesterday." to you. ]
[ You whisper " Yeah, it is. It is my alt, and I damn sure didn't give it to you." to Aastah. ]
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=/ Not much proof to my case, but yeah. Jus't a heads up, I know the alt's prolly never gunna be mine again.

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Aastah! =)
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uhm, wow...

weird. e_e

contact the guardians?

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Aastah! =)
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Sucks balls. People are such morons. </3 I hope you are able to get it back somehow.
contact: altria, meiko


Aastah! =)
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did you create the alt? and you didn't share it with anyone, did you?

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Aastah! =)
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I saw Aastah yesturday in some McDonalds dream I was hanging out with.

That probably doesn't help, but. Yeah. :x

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Aastah! =)
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Woah, that's weird. D: And pretty suspicious how they disappeared like that. -pats Texeh- If you didn't share it / give out the password, then definitely contact the guardians.

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Aastah! =)
«Reply #6: August 13, 2007, 08:19:25 AM»
Well, I got it from someone (but I can't remember WHO, damnit) and since then I didn't share or give it out to anyone. It was ported, so i know it didn't expire...

That jus' really ticks me off.

Black Rain

Aastah! =)
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Did you change the E-Mail and, Password after you recieved the alt?

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Aastah! =)
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Aastah! =)
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oh, Aastah. I remember seeing that alt very often at Allegria Island. Maybe you should visit them there.

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Aastah! =)
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If you didn't have the alt for 6 months, I doubt there is anything much DEP can do for you unless digos were involved. And even then it's iffy.
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Aastah! =)
«Reply #11: August 13, 2007, 09:10:10 PM»
I see Aastah like... almost everytime I go on furc. mostly found at the FurN Cafe Table... yeah... I remember seeing the so-called 'original' owner selling it for a few portspaces, advertising it consistently in AI, but apparently it was sold to some girl.... sorry if I can't be of more help.
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