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Dave/NewbNewbNewb -- New Edits
«: August 06, 2007, 05:22:59 PM»
So, I remember seeing a board a while ago about this person 'Dave' ( someone else has the alt now ). I do believe he offered a bogus thing on an alt ( if I recall, the alt 'Virus'). Well, as I read down the board, I noticed simularities between a lot of people that had traded with him in the past. I was becoming suspicious, and did a bit of investigating. Come to find out, he had tried to 'buy' alts off of other people to:

Mauser: Was going to buy her 'Alex'.
Niwa: Promised him the alt 'Brandon'.
Mandi: Told her that he had the alt for ages. When she paid for the alt, she saw that he had just created it.
Myself: Told me he was buying the alt 'Wicked'.

Now, that doesn't seem legitimate, but, it gave me enough reason to look and poke around more. So, after listening to these stories, I then remember that he had messaged me on Myspace a bit back, telling me he was borrowing my classics. I log onto my -then- alt Libido to find out he had taken the classics without my asking, told me he was going to pay me back, and I never got anything except month batwings. The wings are now in Masochist, and with him 'gone', I can't get them back.

Also, we caught him using other people's pictures and posed as them. We compared pictures to his HOF account and myspace and realized that the pictures were not the same person. None of them were and he had edited out people's names.

So, just keep a look out for him. He says he's 'gone' but we see him on alts all the time. He'll tell you more than likely that he can pay, just give him a minute to get on his paypal account, and then dissapear.

Also, what should I do about the classics? They were transferred off of Libido to Masochist, and I no longer own Libido. So, I don't know if I"ll get them back or not. :\

Edit: The said above is a warning, and the last statement is what I'm looking to solve, more of. Not to argue about whether he's 'real' or not.

New Edit: New logs as further proof for tried scamming. (: And I got my classics back.

[ Zig whispers, "When you get him out of hiding, tell him that I shall be awaiting 50 GD and I'll have the password for Video waiting. :)" to you. ]
[ You whisper "As further proof of his scamming, do I have permission to post what you just whispered me on a thread on FAM ( Furcadia Alt Market )?" to Zig. ]
[ Zig whispers, "Sure. :)" to you. ]

Also, my friend and I noticed that his MSN and Zipo's MSN matched and he replied to both on there. So, is it Zipo that's lying too?



Re: Dave/NewbNewbNewb
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That's really rough. The dude commissioned me a while back and sold the payment for some wings. i was like 'WTF, douche?'
I'd never trust him, not if my life depended on it. i just get bad vibes from that guy (or whatever it is, seeing as his pics are fake)

Stealing photos of other people and using them, though? That's just creepy as hell...

Anyhow, as far as the classics, talk to Ciro? i don't know how he can help though, as the alt was shared. :/
Best bet is still him though.

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Re: Dave/NewbNewbNewb
«Reply #2: August 06, 2007, 05:33:13 PM»
Quote from: "Requiem"
That's really rough. The dude commissioned me a while back and sold the payment for some wings. i was like 'WTF, douche?'
I'd never trust him, not if my life depended on it. i just get bad vibes from that guy (or whatever it is, seeing as his pics are fake)

Yeah. He showed me that when you were making it, and the funny thing is, he was trying to sell me those wings that he was paying you with. :S[/size]


Dave/NewbNewbNewb -- New Edits
«Reply #3: August 06, 2007, 08:12:05 PM»
wow. that's pretty lame. what i don't understand how anyone could be convinced that he even owns those alts. i for one know alucard has had brandon since i traded it to him, and wicked has been someone's main and nft/dnb for a quite some time now. unless he really has some convincing method, i'd not believe anyone they owned an alt unless they showed me some sort of proof. especially if they approach you ingame claiming such. that's pretty bad. also shitty he'd even claim he has those alts.

as for the classics. when did his occur? and do you still have the logs? if it wasn't too long ago, approach ciro about it and see what he says. it's your best bet honestly.


Dave/NewbNewbNewb -- New Edits
«Reply #4: August 06, 2007, 08:13:41 PM»
Dave is his friends, he would log onto Dave and cause shit. He did it with me once. But uh, as far as I know. His friend found out and took Dave back. Or thats what his friend told me... Newbnewbnewb only sold alts for his friends that didnt have FAM. So yeah...


Dave/NewbNewbNewb -- New Edits
«Reply #5: August 07, 2007, 04:57:17 AM»
He actually said that he was going to try to get the alts for us. He didn't say they were his.

What happened with the alt Brandon; he told me that he was going to try to get the alt for our friend, Niwa. This was about two weeks before he "left" town. He said that he heard Alucard was quitting and he was going to try to get it off him. He told me that he had a few alts he could sell and possibly get a lifer after selling them and he would try offering that. I never really trusted him after what happened with my alt, but I listened to what he said. After a few days passed, he had already moved on to something else and never bothered mentioning it again.

[Created on: 2007-01-28/19:54:52/Sun] What happened with the alt Mandi; I was in a dream one day and he approached me on his alt at the time, Xaa. [I believe, I may be wrong] He said that he had the alt Mandi, and that he'd had it for awhile. Then I traded him year classics for the alt, because that's all I had to offer at the time. Once we traded and I logged on, I saw that the alt had just been created, and he'd lied about it. It wasn't a scam, just a lie that didn't make me feel too comfortable. After that, I lost all trust in him.

Also, I remember awhile back Ryuuzaki/Albel Nox was trying to get the alt Wolfram, and Newbnewbnewb/Dave claimed that his friend, Zipo, owned the alt and he was pretty sure he could get him to sell it since he'd quit. He said he just needed to call him, and see what he said. Ryuuzaki was willing to offer pretty big for the alt, and Dave kept changing his story. He'd say that he had the password, he'd whisper it to Ryuuzaki, and it'd be wrong. Then Dave whispered me after Ryuuzaki had left for work and these were his words, "He won't have to pay at all. I'm going to give him Wolfram as a gift when he gets home." This of course never happened. I'm pretty sure he or his 'friend' didn't have the alt to begin with, he just wanted to pretty much see how far he could go with the story.

That's all of the things I can think of at the moment. Just wanted to post those so that you guys can watch out for him. I doubt he'll be back under the alt 'Dave' or 'Masochist'. I'm pretty sure he'll make a new one and begin the same stuff all over again. Anyways, just look out for him. He's not trustworthy at all, in my opinion.

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Dave/NewbNewbNewb -- New Edits
«Reply #6: August 07, 2007, 11:55:39 AM»
I can't help with shared alts, I'm afraid.

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Dave/NewbNewbNewb -- New Edits
«Reply #7: August 20, 2007, 03:18:04 PM»
the um.. story about virus isnt true. i was part of it, so i can actually tell you the whole story. my friend had the alt virus, i had the alt bacteria. i decided to sell bacteria, and kori (who owned/created virus) kept virus. i told paul (newbnewb) that she was thinking of selling it, and he got all excited. anyways, he did have an offer ready for her, but by that time she had traded it for rifle to massacre. he didnt do anything wrong??

also about mandi. he probably recreated it as his for security purposes. i told him to do it for carlos, so he might have done it for mandi too.

and hes always trying to get alts for people all the time. just because he cant get them doesnt mean he's being 'untrustworthy'. hes gotten me several nice alts, and ive never had a problem with him. nice alts for cheap ok promise