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All of the wonderful traders! O: If I missed you. Shoot me and tell me to add you. </3

Josetta (her FAM) – Dragon for alt Josetta - Nice smooth trade! =3 Would love to trade with her again!
DiaElanore for Malerie, Josetta for Tatsu, Ericka for Elanore – Nice trades, went smooth and fast. A little conflict, but based on my failure to type things. xD When trading with her it’s not one of those edgey trades where you’re going ‘OMFG’ the whole time. Would trade with again! Heck I'd trust her enough to give her all my alts for a week and still get them back. xD <3
CryosleepSaddle&Sire for Diabetes – I think you must be my new best friend. ): I love Diabetes <3 Nice; no AWESOME trade. xD
NoDe (I think) – Holster&Jones For Haiji – Lovely trade, Haiji is adorable! Would love to trade again.
Ali - Haiji, Snap, Day for Shannon - Awesome trader! =3 Would love to trade with again. Luv her art #SO Ali just plain rocks. End of story.
Art from Ali - Bought 5 comission spots from Ali. Her art Rocks.
TehKitty - Edi for 1 GD - Wonderful and quick. Would trade with again.
Natalie - Crabbe&Foxi for Abbie&2gd - Nice smooth trade, would love to trade with again. <3
Tarra - Abbie for 1 Space and 1 gd - Nice trade, tarra is a nice person to converse with. Some confusion took place at one point, but excellent trader overall.
Kalmia - Atlantic for 1 SD - Smooth trade, nice trader.
Bubbly. - Complain, Best, Flush, Frig for 4 SD - Nice trader. All is well. <:
Tub - Foil, Gab, Cattle, Elisebeth, Minti, Eliz for 6 SD - Excellent trader.
Izuna - Trifle for 1 SD - Nice trader, fast trade.
Nisc - Diabetes for 4 Spaces, Shannon for 10 spaces - Nisc rocks okay. End of story.
DestinyDing - Tatsu For Gaiastuff - Nice traded, would trade with again.
Sevi - Port Space for 5 GD - [: Sevi is awesome. #SO <3
Rikki - Alt+1GD for Rikki-art, Gaia for Butters - Rikki is an awesome trader, I'd love to trade again!
The Illusion/ Blue via fam - 2 GD for Ferian - Good trader.
Arozi - Pringle for Kitterwing - Nice Trader, went smooth definitly would trade with again.
Cornyflakes - Swann for 2.77 DS - Good trader, went smoothly. No problems there.
Betch - Spliff for 5 GD - Quick smooth trade, no problems encountered. Good trader!
Goldie - CFL for a bunch of shite - Excellent trader, bit of complications along the way but completely not anyones fault. Would trade with again.
Illegal - Dragon for Zibah - Excellent Trader! Very trustworthy!
Bipolar - 4 Spaces for 20 GD - Excellent Trader, love to trade with again. Everything was quick and smooth.

Did I forget you? Lemme know!


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+ more people!