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Advil even open to offers. Take a look :)
«: April 13, 2018, 09:43:06 PM»
Alright fuck it! Take a look at all my alts! Most of them come with art as well, i'll show you if you'd like to see.

I'm going to accept mixed payments!
- Paypal!
- Life Digos
- POSSIBLY alts!

Here's the pretties, for now they are just gunna all be up for offers! because i'm a little desperate for cash until i get my new job...Sooo Here they are;


- ported x5 (One is a chevy port <3) 1st one is remap!
- Around 40 pieces of art, even has a dA icon.
- Non-tradeable Flooki.


- ported x1 non-remap
- x15 art Also a Chevy design/character


- ported x3, 1st and 3rd are non-remap, 2nd is remap
- art x13


- ported x1 non-remap (has 3 unloaded ports)
- Ref + 14 pieces of art

*one of my babes*

- ported x2 both non-remap
- x3 art

Grumpy Cat

- Ported x1 non-remap
- No art, but you can find plenty on the webs <3


- Ported x4, the 2nd is in a animated space but isn't animated lol. all non-remap
- no art, but plenty on the webs again <3


- ported x2 non-remap
- has a piece of art but i'd have to search for it

Send me a whisper on Advil or Iggie and i'll get back to you as soon as I can!

~thanks for lookin' loves

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Still looking to sell! o:

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Re: Advil even open to offers. Take a look :)
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Added Starlin and Advil incase anyone has been interested :)