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Account Security and You!
«: April 28, 2017, 08:05:47 PM»
Hey y'all!

We have some reminders about account security, and some tips on keeping your characters secure!

- NEVER share your password with anyone! Although you might want to share with people you trust, those people may not always be trustworthy, and falling-outs can happen.

- Use COMPLICATED passwords! This doesn't necessarily mean smashing your face on the keyboard and hoping for the best... You can use abbreviated phrases to make a secure password!

Bad Passwords - ilovedogs, rainbow, etc. Basically, simple phrases and dictionary words are easy to brute-force, and are BAD at keeping your things secure.

Good Password - ihsmfcwir203 ... Looks complicated, right? But it's easy to remember if you break it down... In High School My Favorite Class Was In Room 203. This method gives you a secure password, while also making it easy for you to remember it! You can also throw in some numbers in exchange for letters for added security. However, the LONGER the BETTER, so keep that in mind!

- Don't use the same password for everything! Once someone gets ONE password, that means they get access to EVERYTHING! Change it up! Keep your stuff secure!

- As tempting as it is, do not use a password manager. While they CAN make your life easier, they can also be a  huge pain, since they're vulnerable to breaches. Lastpass, for example, was breached in 2011.

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