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Stolen alt Rapidash // Scammer Vinder
«: April 25, 2017, 09:29:50 PM»
This is a cautionary thread for all who may possibly do any future trading with FAM user (not the alt) Vinder (;u=36808 ) They acquired a stolen alt from me by the name Rapidash that i had absolutely no intention of parting with after owning her since 2008, and was absolutely devastated to find that an alt i'd ported several times was accessed and sold to someone else with my portrait art i'd paid for still on it.

I am alerting the community and to anyone who has dealt with this user, that they may be selling stolen alts. They are currently inactive on the forums after requesting their sale thread where they hawked my alt to be deleted. It was brought to my attention that my alt Rapidash was stolen and sold by this person in November to another member of this forum, who was unaware of its status as a stolen name.

The last known names they were selling were: Debra, Domino, Shikamaru, Halo, and Elias. I do not know if these alts were previously owned by them or obtained unlawfully by them as Rapidash was.

I have already spoken to the Guardians in relation to the matter of my alt being stolen, and unfortunately for me, despite the mountain of proof i've offered, I will not be able to recover it on a tough technicality, and the current owner and I were unable to reach an agreement due to lack of empathy despite my willingness to try and solve it. i had to withdraw broken-hearted per guardian instruction.

I am simply putting forward this information in case this user comes back to sell these lingering alt names, please proceed with caution or you may be hurt as i have.

this thread was made with FAM admin permission. thank you.
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Re: Stolen alt Rapidash // Scammer Vinder
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So, I am the current owner of Rapidash and am stepping in to provide details regarding my exchange with Vinder and further information about the claim of Rapidash having been stolen. The details below come from my own ticket sent into the support website and I have been given permission to share them thusly.

I want to reiterate that I was not aware of Rapidash supposedly being stolen/previously owned by a non-trader. Nor did I have any reason to suspect such.

I contacted Vinder on October 26th to inquire about purchasing Rapidash. At this time I had noticed their sale thread and haggled for about a day until we agreed to exchange Rapidash for $200 via Paypal. November 19th is the date I finalized the transaction and received the alt from Vinder.

I have owned Rapidash for five months since and never once was questioned as to why/how I got the alt until being contacted by Lovecraft a few days ago.
Further investigation havent yielded much about Vinder or a means to contact them. I did PM them and emailed the email they provided me for their paypal back in November.

Now onto the information I received from Furcadia Support regarding the claim of Rapidash being stolen.

Rapidash was last logged in by Lovecraft in 2014. This is backed up not only from what my ticket yielded but also in what Lovecraft told me themselves in whispers. They shared screen-shots of the alts logfile on their computer from September 2014.

Furcadia Support also told me that following the last time Lovecraft logged into Rapidash, several other users logged into the alt. Why or for how long was not shared with me. I was told and I quote:
"You can also say that I specifically stated that this is not considered theft and that other than the user's claim there is no actual evidence or history that supports the theft claim. There is only evidence that she did at some point have the character. But how other players ended up with it, and how it happened that in three years she allegedly did not notice that it was no longer hers that we don't know and cannot with certainty determine. We simply do not know and cannot with any finality determine what happened several years ago, especially with her and others trading alts. 3+ years is a long time on the internet."


"So as far as we are concerned, this has not been theft, there is no strong evidence hinting at potential theft, and we don't consider the character stolen or disputed. All evidence offered by the server records that we do have points at there not being an issue."

The 'mountain of proof' Lovecraft mentioned amounted to only the record of an old email address that Rapidash was on; which resulted being inaccessible and the aforementioned screen-shots of having logfiles dated from 2014 on their computer.

As for my 'lack of empathy', I can only apologize for seeming unempathetic. That was not my intent but I know I can be very tactless when dealing with some situations and that's totally my fault.
However empathy has nothing to do with the fact I was confronted and essentially demanded of to return the alt without any means of compensation, either from Vinder or from Lovecraft.
I am very sorry that we could not reach a resolution when we initially spoke. However if circumstances arise that require it, I will consider reselling Rapidash.

Thank you for your time.
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Re: Stolen alt Rapidash // Scammer Vinder
«Reply #2: April 27, 2017, 09:29:36 PM»
Unicorn, are you aware that the situation did not out you, nor did it mean to serve as a beware about you?

You were previously told that if you had issues with the way that Lovecraft worded the thread, which was approved by our moderators, that you needed to contact Lovecraft about the matter and discuss it civilly.

If you'd like to make a proper apology about how the situation deteriorated after Lovecraft discovered that the alt had been compromised and taken from them, then you should have done so privately, as we asked you to do.

We appreciate your candor in stating the 'facts of the case', but the purpose of the thread was never to put you on blast, but your intentions do not come off as genuine given the way both of you have attempted to find a middle ground and failed.

If you have information related to Vinder themselves, we'd be more than happy to see it posted, because they are the incredibly suspicious individual in this unfortunate situation.