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Looking for Lifers!
«: March 02, 2017, 04:30:48 PM»
Looking for some lifers to add to my collection. Willing to pay with Paypal or Art. (FA:DeathJingle)

I won't pay more than what the digo market will sell them for when they go on weekly sale. I'd rather wait than overpay. Will consider some lifers not on this list if I don't have them and the deal is good.

Bundles for cheaper will be highly considered. I will buy in bulk!

High Priority -
Ponikin Thanks Blue!
Dragonling Thanks Blue!
Fireclaw Thanks Riggs!
Love Puppy

Mid Priority -
Noble Equine
MF Gryffe
MF Phoenix
Tuskar Thanks Vander!

Low Priority -
Leonen Thanks Vap!
Lynxen Thanks Blue!

PM offers, or message Shadelight in Furc. Offline messages welcomed as well.
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Re: Looking for Lifers!
«Reply #1: April 05, 2017, 10:22:15 PM»
List has been updated with some new wanted things and what I've obtained.

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Re: Looking for Lifers!
«Reply #2: June 06, 2017, 07:01:23 AM»

Foxen $5.00 USD
Snowmew $10.00 USD
Gryfkin $10.00 USD
Non-Animated Portspace $3.00 USD

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Re: Looking for Lifers!
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OP hasn't posted in this thread since April. Do not revive dead threads.

Shadelight, if you'd like to resume use of your thread, feel free to PM any mod and we'll be happy to unlock it for you.

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Re: Looking for Lifers!
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I'm only mean out of necessity.