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Vorpalpaws's Reviews!
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Now that I'm getting more active about taking commissions (as well as commissioning others), I decided to create a handy little review thread for myself! It will go in chronological order.

People Who Commissioned Me
Hugo (on FAM) - omg hugo sux ):<
Not really! I love this guy! I made a port for him (and some char art) and he was always very supportive and helpful. I got my payment with no problems and now he has a new port! Also he gives me giftart. :>

Icetra Kudosaki - She commissioned me for a small dream. She was very nice and detailed with what she wanted, yet not overbearing and pushy. However, she said she could pay me, but after a while she just stopped answering my whispers and was never online. I posted a thread on the Furcadia forums about her, and found out she was blocked from buying Digos until her credit card was affirmed, because she'd been making a bunch of purchases in a short amount of time. So I never got paid for that.

Lares Fuxfell - This guy is one of my best friends. He's commissioned me twice now, both for flatcolor character art, though the second time I gave it to him for free since it was his birthday. He's never overbearing, yet he's always curious about the status of the art, though if you tell him to let you be he'd have no trouble doing so. He gave me all the time I need to finish and is helpful about correcting any problems.

Jayden - This lady was great! I did a flatcolor character art piece for her as well as two flatcolor busts. She helped me make corrections but was never snippy about it. Great commissioner!

Fyedakin Xiloscient/Shayonn - Fye originally commissioned me for flatcolored lineart of his char. However, when I was partially into the sketch he asked if he could change his commission to something else. I agreed, because he's my friend and I wasn't too far into the piece. He gave me a choice between doing his char, and doing gift art for someone else's char. I did the latter and tried to keep it secret, but eventually had to ask her (Shayonn) for the right colors and so on. She was helpful and luffs it, oh yeah.

Mandy (on Furcadia forums) - Mandy commissioned me for a colored and shaded full body piece. She supplied me with lots of ref pics and good descriptions. She vanished for a few weeks after I sent the watermarked lineart, and then she said she had computer problems and couldn't pay me yet, but soon. Then she totally vanished. Um..

Sphinx - Sphinx bought the dream I made for Icetra Kudosaki, and asked that I make some edits to it. She was really a great commissioner and I made some extra money for the edits, yay! I was really pleased with the final result of the dream, and she was as well. Very great commissioner!

Fatin - Fatin's a friend of mine. She commissioned me for a colored and shaded full body piece. She gave me lots of time to work on it and was never pushy at all, however I think she was a little worried about bossing me around, because I missed a lot of details in my sketch and she didn't say anything.. only after I made the lineart did I check her website again and realize what I'd missed. Still, it was sweet of her to be concerned!

Emerald Flame - aghagdag I'm so worried about this piece looking nice. It's going on Emmie's house. She's really a sweet lady - very helpful! She gave me lots of free reign, yet also supplied me with ideas on which to go. I'm doing some graphic design work for her. We're constantly talking so I can be totally sure of what she wants (it's a large project!)

Calyx Malaise - There was a bit of mixup on payment. She paid me 8 GDs before I did the sketch or anything (and my ports are 10 GDs), but I think she was just confused because my PayPal ports were $8. But she's a friend, and she's so sweet to me, that I just let it go. If she commissions you, though, you should be pretty clear.

People I Commissioned/Art Traded With
BoxxCutter (on Furcadia forums) - Holy crap! BC was amazing! She did three character "badges" for me. Her work was excellent and she was done very quickly all three times. Definitely someone I'd commission again. (Edit: And I DID. XD I commissioned her for another piece of art and I'm even happier with this one than the others. This lady's great.)

Phantom/Cestal (on FAM) - Another great commission! Asked me to pay up front, and I got speedy service. He showed me two WIPs before the final thing, which looks amazing! Definitely worth commissioning!

Ora Lu - She seems really sweet. Asked me to pay up front, which is fine. I said I'd like to see a sketch before she colors it, but she said that'd be really awkward for her. Since it's only 1 GD she's asking for, I decided that it was fair.

Hathor Serantis - Another great artist! Received great art for a great price. She fixed the lineart when I asked her to and she did a good job.

Trix - Trix is a really nice girl. We both took a while to get our halves done because we were both busy, but I think it worked out great!

Anora/Blue the Illusion - Really great to work with! I commissioned her for 5 pics. Each one is different and unique and I can tell she's having a blast. Lots of fun to see what she turns out. Glad I snagged this one.

Tachs the Raver - Well, I really wanted some art from her. I gave her my char's site to look over. When she showed me the sketch, I redlined in some changes, to which she called the design "gross" despite the fact that all the info she needed was on the website. However, she said she'd fix it, and she did so, and it looks great. So everything is alright now. (And check her post below this - so we're crunk now. Commission her damnit!)

Effira - I loved this lady. She had to go out and buy an orange pencil just for me! I feel so special! Great to work with and cooperative!

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Vorpalpaws's Reviews!
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xD;; I got reviewed. Eh, what I meant when I said gross, was because I thought for a moment, adult. When you first asked me to change the pants, you said you wanted the crotch bigger. xD;; Which.. really freaked me out. Mix up of a message, really, and I was still in that mindset at the end.

I am sorry if you were offended, and sorry for the miscommunication. xD;

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Vorpalpaws's Reviews!
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You comissioned me too!  :D

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Vorpalpaws's Reviews!
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XD Yay for a good review, one thing though, it's Jadyn, not Jayden. =P Woo~