Author Topic: How should I price my Alts? (I have not played Furcadia in over 6 years.)  (Read 304 times)

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Furcadia's Alt market still appears to be somewhat active, and the price of alts one average, from what I've seen, are still the same.. like between $50 to $100 bucks for a decent name and portrait. But honestly it seems not alot people play this game anymore, and I'm not sure if people are willing to buy these for average pricing. I need help figuring out how much to sell these for, or if it's even worth trying to sell these.

Thank you ahead of time  ;)

Alt Name | # of Portratis | Information

P4 | 3 Ports | From Ginga Densetsu Weed
Climax | 1 Port | Sexy Name, Feral Port
Crum | 1 Port | Feral Lion Port
Behavior | 1 Port | Feral Wolf Port
Riiki | 1 Port | From Ginga Densetsu Weed "Riki"
Cheese Wizard | 1 Port | Mouse Feral Port

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One thing to keep in mind is that most users still buying alts are collectors and hoarders looking for specific alts and Furcadia's userbase is lower than ever. There aren't that many people left willing to buy any alt.

That being said, from my experience, alts that are official names or are 'real world words' have the best chance of selling, but don't hold your breath. Alt buying is slow.

Oc's, ferals, two-word names, and altered official names have the least chance of selling thanks to the dwindled user base.

Riiki and Cheese Wizard probably won't sell, at all. Names like those more often than not end up rotting or given away on the free alt forms.

P4 most likely won't sell either, since it isn't Monster's official name and just a nickname, but you could still try. I would suggest $5 on him. $10 max.

Climax, Crum, and Behaviour have the highest sale chances of your bunch, and an even higher chance if you offer their designs as 'optional' for those only interested in their names. I would list them as 'offer'.

Hope this helps, and good luck!
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Hope this helps, and good luck!

Thank you for the advice <3

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While Captor brought up good points, a lot of pricing and value is really subjective.
Keep in mind while you may value X as $20, another user may see it as less, or even more in some cases.

Reading over people's selling threads and how they personally value their names can give you some insight on how to price your own things accordingly, but its really a matter of trial and error.

To anyone else who sees this, again, please refrain from posting any similar threads.