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End of Year Announcements and Reminders
«: December 31, 2015, 12:38:43 PM»
Hey FAM!

It's that time of year again... 2015 is ending, and we'd like to start 2016 off right with a few sitewide announcements and reminders!

-Art Alerts are once again allowed to be posted on FAM! We feel the higher site traffic here is more beneficial than a niche site, and will do both the community and artists a great deal of good.

The rules will be the same as they are on FAZ (which is really quite the same as Alt Alerts.)

We have no plans to re-integrate the other parts of FAZ at this time, however.

- Users are only allowed ONE thread per sales-related section! This includes inactive or locked threads. Please be aware of this in moving forward, and remember that staff is always happy to unlock threads that the site locked automatically for inactivity. As always, we have a tutorial on how to find old threads here so that you can find you things without much headache!

As usual, we do NOT DELETE OLD THREADS unless we are ASKED to! If you want an old thread deleted, either message the mods or change the title of the thread to "DELETE" so we can find it!

Also, we don't ask users to provide all the links to their affected multiple threads to be mean or annoying. We want to make sure that you know how to find them so we can avoid this headache in the future! It's for everyone's benefit, we promise!

Please do not change your thread titles to "don't delete," since they come up in our sweeps and we need to change the titles ourselves so that we don't accidentally delete them.

-Please check post dates before posting in someone else's thread! If the OP has not posted in the thread in a month or more, it is considered thread necromancy, and is against the rules. Please be mindful so we don't have dead threads smothering ones that are actually active.

-Users are only allowed one account per person. Of course, we know some people are on a shared IP and/or have roommates, and we understand that, but until we speak to you about it, we have no way of knowing whether a second account is yours or someone else's! If you are locked down for this, just let us know (POLITELY!) and we will make a note in the staff forum to remind us in the future.

This goes for shared accounts. If you are sharing an account with someone, you are not allowed to have a separate account for your own personal use, as this will count towards multis.

Keep in mind that, because of how the site's ban system works, if you are sharing an account or an IP, both people attached will get banned. We do not have a good way to tell the system "hey these are different people," so please please please try to remember that your actions WILL affect another person!

As always, if you need a rule refresher, please do take a gander at them. Staff is ALWAYS available to answer any questions about any rule you may not understand or need any sort of clarification on. We don't bite, especially when it comes to helping users understand the site better so everyone has a better experience overall.

Have a happy new year, everyone, and stay safe!
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