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B>Love Puppy, Rabben, Spaces
«: January 18, 2016, 10:45:32 PM»
hi, so i'm willing to buy those as listed with GD ONLY!

love puppy - i don't know how much these go for, or if i missed a sale or something, but i've wanted one for a long time, so offer me please?

rabben - i'm willing to pay about 8-10 GD

spaces - i'll buy 2 of these for 5 GD a piece

whisper me at tampon or PM me with offers, but i'm more likely to answer you fast if i'm on furc!

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Re: B>Love Puppy, Rabben, Spaces
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Locked for multiple threads across multiple sections. You are only allowed one per sales-related section. Please gather the links to the affected threads and pm them to a moderator with clear notations indicating which is to be kept and which to be deleted. If you're unsure of how to find your threads, we have a guide here.

Also, please contact a mod about your multiple accounts before continuing to use the site.
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