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Reminder About Thread Necromancy
«: August 19, 2015, 09:41:28 PM»
It seems the amount of necro bumps occurring has increased a great deal, so the mods figure it's time for a reminder.

- If a thread has not been posted in for a month or more by the OP and does NOT belong to you, DO NOT POST IN IT. This counts as reviving a dead thread, and is against the rules. Constantly reviving dead threads adds clutter to the boards, which makes it more difficult for active users to find things relevant to what they'd like to buy or sell. Repeat offenders will be dealt with accordingly.

- If the thread is your own, you may revive it, as that is making it active once more.

- If your thread was locked because someone attempted to revive it, please contact any mod and we'll be happy to unlock it for you for continued use.

Please remember to re-read the rules if you feel rusty, and contact anyone on the mod list if you need any clarification about anything. We're happy to explain things if they aren't clear to you, since it saves everyone a headache in the long run.

On that note: Inactive threads get a big, glaring red message telling you not to post there and suggests making a new thread. We cannot turn this off. It's built into SMF, so there's nothing we can do about it. PLEASE DISREGARD THE MESSAGE, as it does not reflect or coincide with our forum rules.
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