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closed for now (opening again next week)
«: August 06, 2015, 12:11:40 PM»
So I'm looking for a ton of lifers and instead of continuing to search through threads to try and find good deals on all the lifers I'm looking for! Some have the prices I'm willing to pay next to them, if their isn't a price then please offer me one with the price you're looking for and I'll get back to you if I think it is fair! You can whisper me on Galleta for the fastest response, reply here, or PM me. Also, if something seems under priced it probably means I don't want it that bad. If you'd be willing to sell it at that price in a bundle, then feel free to offer it that way.

I'm only looking to pay with paypal.

Okay, because you guys have all been super helpful with making my lifer dreams come true I'm going to add a funds counter up in here because I am almost out of disposable income for the week LOL You may approach me with an offer but I may not be able to buy unless it is less than the amount below, thank you!

Available funds: $--

direhound - 45
kitsukin - 25
tusker - 20
werewolf - 70
woolie - 20
kittersize - 100
SS for life x2 - 100 ea.

Thank you!
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