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Paypal Updates and Reminders
«: March 07, 2015, 03:02:03 PM»
Paypal has recently started cracking down on users who fail to provide shipping labels when payments are made, so please remember to select "no address required" when you make a payment! When a seller does not provide a shipping label for a digital good, there is a very high chance that their account will be frozen under suspicion of scamming. So please, remember to let them know that you are not expecting an item at your doorstep!

As always when dealing with Paypal, please also remember the following:

1. Sellers are not allowed to ask for buyers to cover the service fees; doing so can result in a ban from Paypal.
2. Try to avoid sending payments as a gift. Frequent gifted payments look suspicious to Paypal, and there is literally zero protection if a transaction goes south. If you pay with a gift and are scammed, there is nothing that can be done and you're out your money.

And of course, our newest reminder...

3. Remember to check off "no address required" for all digital transactions!!

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Re: Paypal Updates and Reminders
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Since paypal can be a little bit confusing sometimes, here is a guide if you can't find the 'no shipping needed' option. c:

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