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«: January 14, 2015, 06:13:45 PM»
I made a new FAM account, seeing as I forgot the password to my other one and all the alts on said account (Sarcasm) are no longer mine seeing as I got a new computer.

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This is not how this works. If you actually refer to the rules you agreed to abide by when you joined, you might see that it is only rule two that states that each user may possess only one account at a time. If you ever lose access to your account there are several, easy ways to regain access, the least of which are recovering the password, contacting us by e-mail or IM (we have these listed via our profiles which are accessible to the public and guests so you can see it even if you are not logged in), or by grabbing us via Furcadia if none of the other options work for you. We would have been happy to restore your account so that you did not break a cardinal rule, which we have carried a strict policy on.

It's still only recently that we have stopped permanently banning folks for this and started giving second chances. Frankly, leaving a note like this like it's no big deal is frustrating because we are here to help our members; we would not volunteer if we did not enjoy giving back to the userbase of FAM or FAZ.

Now if you want to PM me we can discuss deleting one account and letting you keep the other, but this is your only shot at a second chance; if you make another account from here on, I cannot promise further leniency.