Author Topic: Stolen alt (Darn) [Resolved]  (Read 817 times)

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Stolen alt (Darn) [Resolved]
«: September 10, 2014, 09:37:22 AM»
The alt Darn has been stolen on my friend. Here are the details she gave me.


I was just checking through my alts to see what had expired, and when I got to my alt Darn it told me the password did not match.

Darn has 2 active portraits of a lion and possibly some GD, it would not have expired.

I last logged the character on in June, in that time I have not changed it's password or email. So when I have tried to log in today, I am convinced it has been stolen.

The only way somebody has gotten the password is to have retrieved its INI file from my emails, and I don't believe that's possible, nobody has any of my passwords.

There are people I believe have it, alas I currently have no evidence so I'm not about to go accusing.

I've checked all my emails, he's not registered to any of them.

If you could please pounce the name Darn - I would love you <3

Any logs or sightings please comment here or whisper me personally on Spartan or Polar.
You can also pm myself here or whisper Hunt, Azrael or Volker.
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Re: Stolen alt (Darn)
«Reply #1: September 10, 2014, 02:27:17 PM»
A few things...

1. Has your friend contacted the guardians yet? We require that the guardians be contacted before making posts here. (see number 5 here)

2. Was her email or alt set to a password that's easy to guess?

3. Has she tried to send a password request?

4. Does she share any alts with anyone? If yes, do those alts share a password with the alt in question?

We have a bit of information about awareness and keeping your alts safe here if you'd like to pass it along to your friend. But, definitely have her email the guardians if she hasn't done it yet, since we really can't do much else except make people aware of the situation.

I am also locking this because, while this situation does suck, we do not allow posting for banned members.
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Re: Stolen alt (Darn) [Resolved]
«Reply #2: September 12, 2014, 05:55:03 PM»
OP has informed me that the alt is back with its owner. (: Yay.

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