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If I have purchased or made a trade with you, please post here to remind me!

Bought the name Hebrew from! Quick and professional.

Bought six portrait spaces from! Professional, quick, I recommend!

Bought a Life Foxen for my alt Celena. Quick, lovely person!

Bought art from! Super quick.
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Re: Reviews v1.0 - The Gif Edition
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Your review list is not to be sorted by means of "Good/Bad".
a.   Please keep your list sorted in either alphabetical order, or in the order of which your trading experience happens.
Things that include good/bad sorting:
a.   Use of symbols (Example: - Name and + Name .. </3 and <3 .. ect.)
b.   Use of colors.
c.   Specific arrangement of reviews. (Example: All good trades kept at the top of the list and all bad trades kept at the bottom.)

Please edit your thread accordingly.

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