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Buy/Trade for Kitterdust
«: May 05, 2014, 11:26:12 AM»
Hello! I'm looking for Kitterdust!

I have a plethora of things to offer to trade. If nothing tickles your fancy, please post or message PayPal amounts. They seem to sell between $50-100 range. I am totally ok with half and half if you want something below as well. Ingame name Hatchiman.


Floof - For Life
Flooki - For Life

Flox - 1 Year
Toasterwing - 1 Year
Turkey - 1 Year

Items etc.

Portraits x3
Animated portrait x1

Yellow Roses x15
Red Roses x13
Purple Roses x13

Swords x4
Flaming Sword x2
Magic Wands x2

Candy Canes x2
Snugs x16
Friendship Bracelets x16
Valentines x4

Second Dreaming Rewards

30 Candies
50 Pies
40 Smackable Trout    
40 Strawberry Platters
12 Tacos
12 Holiday Crackers
6 Kisses
3 Day Finale Fireworks x2
3 Day Festive Fireworks
3 Day Floral Fireworks