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what do you do if..
«: April 18, 2014, 04:28:01 PM» get an alt through character creation, and you try to add it to your list only to realize its on someone elses? do they still own the alt? should i contact them? if they (presumably) allowed it to expire, does that mean i'm the actual owner now, or do they still have rights to it?

this is more of an etiquette question, i guess. i tried looking around to see if this was covered but i couldn't find anything. sorry if this is in the wrong form!

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Re: what do you do if..
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This is what the alt removal section board is for, under the "Questions and Support" subforum. You'll see it; it's the first one under the section. First, check if the user has been active as of late; if they have been on within a month, it's best to private message them and politely ask them to remove it. If the user hasn't been active in over a month, or you send the PM and have not received a response in a while, list the character in the alt removal section and a moderator will clear it up for you.

Alts DO expire, so there are thousands upon thousands of names that change hands frequently.

And yes, since you created the character, and own the ini file, you do have the rights to that character.
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Re: what do you do if..
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thank you for the quick reply - i'll get on that!