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Item never received - Chuubo/'Laundry' on the forums.
«: April 09, 2014, 12:50:55 AM»
(01:13:49) : Hello 
(01:14:04)   Chuubo: hi!
(01:14:13) : Would you sell your Angelcat for $30?
(01:14:20) : I usually see them go for $35
(01:14:40)   Chuubo: why actually yes, i would. :3
(01:15:09) : I can send you the paypal now 
(01:15:49)   Chuubo: sounds good! my paypal is [email protected] would you like the angelcat on that alt?
(01:15:57) : On this one, yes 
(01:16:03)   Chuubo: okay. :)
(01:19:15) : "_______, you have sent $30.00 USD to Tyler Wheeler."
(01:19:28) : Is it weird that I'm actually excited?
(01:19:30) *  chuckles.
(01:21:18)   Chuubo: !! how do i gift it? >:
(01:21:33) : Lol let's do a secure trade, because I have no idea\
(01:23:10)   Chuubo: wait, you see my desc right?
(01:23:14)   Chuubo: the angelcat is there?
(01:23:34) : It isn't for life...?
(01:23:39) *  blinks.
(01:23:46)   Chuubo: no, it is. ._. even says for life when i hover over it.
(01:23:46) : I'm confused. 
(01:24:02)   Chuubo: but it gives me this message
(01:24:05) : I think that's just the description tag, I thought you had the lifer though.
(01:24:31) : Check you info...
(01:24:34) : your*
(01:25:02)   Chuubo: would it have been possible for it to go away? i haven't been on in over 4 months. i just got on to sell off my stuff.
(01:25:09)   Chuubo: i had it for life, i know i did.
(01:25:09) : No.
(01:25:16) : It wouldn't go away. 
(01:25:29) : Uhm, can you send my money back, I guess?
(01:25:39)   Chuubo: rsadhasf. yeah, i'll refund. :C
(01:25:46) : ... Thanks
(01:25:57)   Chuubo: sorry about that. i know i had it..
(01:29:54) : ... (Offline message sent Apr 09, 12:29am FST)
(01:29:54) Your whisper was stored and will be delivered when the furre comes online


These are the logfiles, just for added proof. This person claims to have items that they no longer do/have already sold. I sent the money first and as you can see, they  didn't even have the items. They logged out and never refunded, of course. I have requested a refund on paypal/opened a dispute. DO NOT trade with this person. Or do so at your own risk. :)


Edit: Friend who I posted this for did not want her alt listed on FAM any longer.
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