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Fetch, Joke, Loud.. etc Stolen? edit 6:03pm
«: March 02, 2014, 11:19:16 AM»
Last month the deviantart account, Panic-Room was hacked. They claimed to be the original owner and made up a story of their dog being hit by a car and needed money. Putting up a journal saying they were selling Fetch and Loud. I didn't know at the time and wanted to help an old friend out so I offered to buy Loud off of them. Over time I thought "Chelsie" was acting weird and found out it was a different person overall.
more in depth.

ANYWAY... Joke has been sold to Cierra/Scaredkittens and she has respectfully gave Joke back to Chelsie.

Fetch is still with the hacker, they also go by Marshmellow, Underest, Schizophrenia, Layce, Gemp, Gemo, Explosives, Tombstone... etc

They told me they bought Fetch and Joke from "Chelsie", but yet they're the one that sold me Loud when I thought I was buying it from "Chelsie"?

In January 2014 they claimed to be Panic-Rooms roommate but has took it down.
In one of the comments of the dA journal they claimed not to be the roommate, but later confirmed to be the roommate in a note with Cierra.

I have Loud and was wondering if anyone knows who owned it and if they sold it? If its a stolen alt, I will be more than willing to give it back to its rightful owner.

Edit// Tombstone came online on 2/3/2014 16:30hrs I whispered them about Fetch and they claimed to not ever owning it.

Also this: "03/02/14 17:07:26 Tombstone: Feel free to use these logs. I really want to know if Tombstone is stolen. They said they sold Schizophrenia. Wonder if that was stolen too."

Here is their screen shots.

So after nit picking, they claimed to have received the alt "a few hours ago"
"(16:34:19) Tombstone: Indeed just a few hours ago. "

KEEP IN MIND THAT I AM IN CANADA AND THEY LIVE IN ENGLAND, we're on a 5 hour time difference!!
I find this:

I find it funny how they said they got the alt a few hours ago, but yet the logs are made only a couple of minutes of me asking?

I also found this:
"(17:05:14) Loud: so you transfered the lifers to gemp?
(17:06:04)   Tombstone: They told me to put them on tyco actually.
(17:06:10)   Tombstone: I'm not sure why.
(17:06:26) Loud: tyco, is that the full name "

While searching around FAM for the name Tyco, this thread came up:

EDIT - 16/MARCH/2014
Came online today after a school break and went on furcadia and got a whisper from Fetch, giving me the password.

I changed the password, email, etc. Fetch had many ports but now only has 1, also had life wings but, also gone. Planning on giving Fetch back the Chelsie when she comes online.

The only thing we need from them now is the refund they promised...
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Re: Fetch, Joke, Loud.. etc Stolen?
«Reply #1: March 02, 2014, 11:40:13 AM»
I had ordered a commission with this person within the past week but had yet to pay. 
I knew something seemed immediately suspicious, as soon as I received this message from her:

[email protected]

It's my new paypal account because ever since I detached my bank account on my other one and tried reattaching. Paypal won't let me withdraw. unsure why. So I got a new bank account and went ahead and set it up. That's why it took me awhile to get back to you.
I didn't even know for a fact it would be a 'new' paypal account. But that alone seemed suspicious and caused serious hesitance for me, and I did not reply.

I have not paid her(thank god). I've blocked out the address, because I don't want FAM members to harass her. If any of the Furcadia Alt Market staff would like her e-mail address for any clarification purposes deemed necessary, please private message me and I will gladly give it to you.

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Re: Fetch, Joke, Loud.. etc Stolen? edit 6:03pm
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Gemo is very known for alting and saying she's someone she's not. I've known her for a while and she does not live in england, sorry for irrelevance but yeah, figured i'd toss in my two cents. Long time ago we did a port trade and after givin her my half she said my art was bad and I should go kill myself. Are you certainly positive that Chelsie isn't Gemo? Gemo is really talented when it comes to split personalities and pretending to be someone she's not. Anyways, Sorry if it seemed like I'm hating on her and bringing my bad experiences into the situation, but I haven't seen that name pop up in years.

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Re: Fetch, Joke, Loud.. etc Stolen? edit 6:03pm
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I have seen this person on a few times. Tombstone really does belong to someone else, a friend of mine purchased him off her. That same friend purchased Schizophrenia as well. That friend lives in Europe, not the person they bought it from Cup.

Also I Traded them Loud for Squishy a few months back if that comfirms anything at all?
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