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This board hasn't seen some love in a while; but I'm genuinely interested in this.

Random fact I learned today. Today, March 1st, is self-harm awareness day. Now, I know this is a very controversial topic. But; I can't really understand it. Is it a symptom of depression? Why do people do it? I personally have had depression struggles and thoughts of my own death, but is there a reason why people go to the lengths to evidently self-harm? What triggers it in the way it's done?

I want to hear some opinions and even experiences on the subject. If you have ever self-harmed, what led you to that? Are you past that point of your life? Do you have any friends that self-harm? Is self-harm a legitimate way to vent depression? I really want some views on this.
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Quite simply, no. This is not a support board and as someone who has been personally impacted by suicide (the ultimate self harm), I'm not interested in this topic being on my forum.

If you're feeling uncontrollably depressed or suicidal, seek help. The crisis hotline is available 24/7 at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
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