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Need help with Truce
«: January 12, 2014, 01:45:32 PM»
I'm very sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I'm not sure if it quite wardens an alert.

A good few months ago, a friend baught Truce for me and I've been in possession of it since. However, I've been getting recent emails, about a password change request.

It is not my friend doing this, but I'd certainly like to know who is and why!

I've been wondering if it's Truce's old owner? Either way, I'd certainly like some information.

If I get any more emails I will be reporting it to the guardians, I'm getting very concerned.

If somebody could point me, or this thread, in the right direction, I'd certainly appriciate it.

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Re: Need help with Truce
«Reply #1: January 12, 2014, 02:10:57 PM»
I recommend changing the password to something even more difficult than it may already be, and possibly changing the characters email, if you feel your email may be compromised. (Or at least check out that your security questions arent something that are easily guessed. A few years back, my mother forgot her email for something and we went and filled out the security questions, we ended up gaining access to the account only to find out it said "Hello Mary" or some name and me and my mom were just like "...OOPS wrong email"

So, that being said, I would at least make sure your email's SQs werent too easy. (Not saying they're not) But if someone is trying to take Truce from you or somehow get a hold of your email you're that much safer from them.

I do hope that you can find out what's going on- I do agree with contacting the guardians as they may be able to tell the IP address of whoevers requesting Truce's password!
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Re: Need help with Truce
«Reply #2: January 12, 2014, 02:15:47 PM»
Thanks very much for that :). I agree, it's probably safer if I do both. And that's mad about your mums email!

I'll definitely contact the guardians if I get any more. The email gave me their IP but I don't think I could do much with it. It's just sad I wasn't contacted about it before hand. I dunno whether somebody is trying to steal it (and I've no idea why anybody would) or if they were trying to check on one of their old alts. Either way I'm not very happy about it.