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Happy New Year! Some reminders going into 2014...
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About Threads:

Please remember that there is a rule in place for ONE thread per person per marketing section. This includes listing your wares in other peoples' threads, as well as old threads that the site has locked automatically for inactivity.

If your thread has been locked for inactivity, DO NOT MAKE A NEW ONE. This WILL count towards your duplicate threads, and will prompt staff to take action. If your thread has been locked for this, please feel free to message a staff member and we will either delete it or unlock it for you so you may continue on. We have a handy guide HERE if you're not sure how to find your old threads.

Listing alts in your thread for a user that is banned or has their own thread WILL get you in trouble, so please don't do it (the latter can get you hit with a ban).

If you are done with your thread, please change the title to "delete." We do NOT delete threads otherwise (unless contacted specifically). Threads titled "finished" or "done" will not be deleted. Please do not change the title to "don't delete," as it messes up our filter when we go through to purge. We will usually end up changing the title for you if we see it to prevent it from coming up on the future when we go through to delete things.

Regarding Contacting Staff:

While we understand that you guys probably want your stuff dealt with as quickly as possible, please remember that everyone on staff are volunteers. We do not get paid for our work here, and our real lives take priority. So please be patient while we get to your issues, and do not spam other staff members in an attempt to get your things taken care of faster, or send us rude messages.

If you need a thread deleted or unlocked (for reasons unrelated to rulebreaking), feel free to make use of the report feature so that all staff can see it. Whoever is available at the time will get to it, which will help cut down on wait time.

We're also happy to clarify any rules you don't understand. For every member that understands and follows the rules, that makes our jobs that much easier, and then everybody is happy.

Remember, "I didn't know" is no excuse. If you need a refresher, please take the time to go over the rules and ask us questions. They may seem intimidating, but many of them are common sense rules we had to write out to prevent people going "but there's no rule against it." Remember that we don't enforce the rules to be mean, but to keep order.

You guys are awesome.~
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