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Fox's opinion
«: July 20, 2007, 02:49:00 AM»
I figure its time for me to put up who I have dealt with and who I suggest you deal with too.

I Myself have been in and out of alt trading for a rather long time now and count most of the below as friends. And am willing to put my own reputation on the line to vouch for them

First and Foremost,

She is possibly one of the nicest people I know. Yes she's opinionated, but she's honest. I've never personally dealt with her in a trade, but our friendship goes that I would stake my word on anything she says she'll do in a trade. Extremely trustworthy, and reputable.

A rather hostile person at first. Although that was overcome. Very upfront, and understanding. As for the actual trades, Extremely smooth trader. I've no comments other than saying, I'd trade with her again.

We've had a few minor trades. Mostly art and the sort. Nothing lately. But there really is no point in saying how good she is. You all know.
Sure she's a bitch at times but face it, Who of us isnt?

Yet another great friend. We've had several trades go through, And only once has she ever kept me waiting, at the end of wich she was more than willing to return my half of the trade. Most recently traded with her, an Alt for some artwork. Immediatly she began work on it, After receiving afformentioned alt. Another person I trust very much.

Previous owner of foxy, Im unsure of his current Main.
A very approachable person. Patient, and willing to negotiate. As I bought an NFT/DNB off them. They waited until 5am there time for the trade to go through, and was also surprisingly patient at my rude remarks in regards to not getting certain information required for the trade. Quick and Easy.

Thats about it for now. I may add others when my brain remembers who else I traded with, or rather realises who they are now.

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Fox's opinion
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Your a bitch, bitch. ;.; lol. <3 That made me giggle.
Im letting my alts rot. So dont ask.

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Fox's opinion
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Its a loving sort of a bitch tho
Calling an older, Furre, rich sister, a bitch.
#SO Love. :]

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Fox's opinion
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Fox's opinion
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Shiva owns Diablos now.

Diablos is now Wasp.