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How fun
«: September 26, 2013, 06:35:39 PM»
So, apparently in Gagas mind on here. I can not post SHARED alts to sell. Because of this my thread is locked after being the way it is FOR WEEKS. Shes a ban happy. over abusive mod, I have heard nothing but issues with her, Oh you didnt delete a thread for 3 years ago? Banned all your threads locked. Sorry. Its bullshit. I get on this site to sell items, whether or not its furc, IRL items whatever, I have a right to post and sell what ever I please as long as it is in reason. And she is doing nothing but makin that impossible for anyone. I think FAM needs some new staff or one less staff, people that ya know are actually decent, not power hungry, ban everyone, talk shit in a PM type people.   kthnx

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Re: How fun
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Actually you can't post the alts of BANNED members. As for your, "I can post and sell whatever I want." Nope. Wrong again. You can post and sell what I allow you to sell within the rules I've set for this site.

If you have an issue with an action a moderator has taken, you can contact me (like the posts in the news section of this site say too). So you know what's bullshit? I'll give you a hint, that smell is coming from you.

I think FAM needs one less user. Congratulations, I select you!

I'll make this simple, no moderator on this site is 'ban happy'. In general, we ban users by group consensus or by my unilateral decision. For example, posts from users with douchbagginess of the level you've shown get my unilateral stamp of approval for removal from the site because the amount of fucks I give for dealing with users like you are pretty much zero.
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