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Scam Alert; Maiden.
«: August 13, 2013, 06:47:42 PM»
Yesterday I bought a noble human lifer from the alt Faden, known as Maiden on Alt Market. The AM thread I came across said $15 PP, which I said was fine, and then I proceeded to send the money over. However, as soon as I told them the money was sent they immediately logged off. I did a little sleuthing and came across five separate boards that they have been using to advertise a life human noble, at varying prices. They can be found here, here, here, here and here.

After looking around their other posts I managed to compromise a list of their alts - none of which have been on since I sent them the money.
Their alts include:
Nokomis Viper (which says they're online but when whispered say they're offline).

They also list on most of their posts that their email address is [email protected]
Their Deviantart is also crashingdiamonds, found here.
I sent them an email regarding the noble human, along with a message on here and on Furc too.

I did the stupid thing and paid for the charges on Paypal, but I guess that was me being gullible and stupid. If anyone knows how to contact this person, please let me know!
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Re: Scam Alert; Maiden.
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When did you perform the trade? Have they been online since?

Have you filed a dispute with paypal yet?

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Re: Scam Alert; Maiden.
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Digo has been delivered.
This was a honest mistake. My internet died, and I lead a very busy life. Typically, payment isn't sent until a Digo is recieved, so when my internet died, I figured I'd just get back to this person later and see if they were still interested.
Turns out, they had already sent the payment, as well as a hoard of their friends to harass me.
I'm sorry for this, I understand why you would be upset, it probably DID seem like I was scamming you. However, I was not. Honest mistake.

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Re: Scam Alert; Maiden.
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If you want to add a final word to this, Monster. Let us know and we'll let you have it.

But next time, you shouldn't jump the gun and assume for the worst. Shit happens.
Also, please READ our guidelines for posting proper scam alerts so this doesn't happen again.

This place serves as informational ONLY and should NEVER be used to lead a witchhunt over a possible misunderstanding.

Keep this in mind that we may not be able to do much on our end in terms of your harassment, but if we hear that a user is deliberately attacking another user because of an alert, there WILL be consequences.

Maiden, if the harassment persists, make use of the in-game features to prevent it, and feel free to let any of us moderators know.
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