Author Topic: thingrin stolen/hacked?  (Read 887 times)

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thingrin stolen/hacked?
«: May 06, 2013, 04:48:14 PM»
(posting for someone else!!)

"At May 6th, as soon as I logged on to Thingrin, I noticed something wrong; my username and password were changed. Of course, to Thingrin. I traded my alt, Froggen for Thingrin. Changed the password too, and it wasn't something easy. But, it was hacked. Right after school. Somebody must've done it, probably the previous owner guessed it. Either it was a scam or they just took it back without asking. If they ever did, I need the alt Froggen back. And to you, if you ever post we're not your personal army or something, I'm aware. I'm not kidding, I'm aware, but I need the alt Thingrin back. I'll contact the guardians if there's some online at this time ASAP. Thank you."

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Re: thingrin stolen/hacked?
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We have informational posts on what to do in regards to supposed theft/hacking.

Have you linked your friend to them? If not, you should. While a warning is a good idea in theory, there are proper channels and simple answers to seemingly complicated situations.

And FAM can't honestly do anything to recover your alts aside from serving as an information hub for where to go.