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«: January 21, 2013, 03:45:50 PM»
First and foremost, I'm posting this as a warning for other members, I know there isn't anything that can be done at this point.

Jan 11, I was contacted via skype (as requested via a post on FAM) about some neopets items I was selling. The username is solar.maine, and the nickname was Skyler. I didn't think to ask about a FAM username or alt name, because I wasnt trading for digos/etc.. I was selling trading for paypal.

We agreed on $125 for 3 million np, an unconverted faerie aisha, unconverted darigan kougra, and a faerie draik morphing potion, all loaded to an empty account. Initially I didn't include the account, however she asked for one, and I didn't see the harm in it, since it usually makes the transactions a little more secure when it comes to neopets.

I gave her my paypal, and she simply replied "great" which miffed me a little, but I understood she wanted the items first, then she'd pay. It wasn't what I wanted, but since I hadn't stated so, and she was paying out a relatively arge amount, I handed over the password, instructing her to not change the info if she didn't want to send any red flags to TNT/neopets, because when an account receives a load of "expensive" things and then suddenly changed its email, password, etc.. it looks suspicious.

Skyler then sent the money, but told me it might take a few days to actually receive it, since it was direct from her bank, during nonbusiness days, and she was located in Australia, so it was also a currency exchange.
This was another one of those suspicious moments, since she hadn't mentioned it before, but I dismissed it because overall she seemed nice enough, just a little dimwitted and forgetful. She talked a little about neopets, mostly inquiring about my own gaming, etc. and didnt say a whole lot about herself, however I didn't ask, so I didn't think a whole lot of it.

That Sunday, she told me the following (paraphrased)..
"So I called the bank and they said it would take a few business days to process. They said something about multiple transactions to speed the process if all the information from the 1st transaction was on another transaction to help verify."
And thus inquired about any other neopets items I had for sale. I mentioned I had a draik+ffq I could sell, and I could restock my neopoints by the end of the week. She seemed interested, and when I asked about how much np she'd like, she simply stated as much as I could manage.

I didn't talk to her again until Tuesday, Jan 15. She said she had called her bank again and said that they had contacted paypal. Everything should be sorted out by Friday, and she assumed they were just being particularly secure.
She asked about how much I could restock that evening and how it worked. I explained I did mostly manual but I know there's autobuyers and etc. but they run the most risk, especially by shop, etc etc. She was interested in obtaining an autobuyer and I pointed her towards (which I will be checking to see if she pops up selling items similar to my own).

Thursday, Jan 17, she asked how much I restocked and if she could buy what i had. At this point I was beginning to put her off, especially since I hadn't seen dime nor nickel of what I was initially promised. I didn't respond to her question.

By Friday, Jan 18, she had un-friended me on skype (but not blocked). I sent 3 friend requests at around 11:55 PM, explaining I had been busy and hadn't received my paypal.

Saturday. Jan 19, I sent 3 more requests, stating I still haven't been paid, at 7:45, 8:35, and 11:10 PM, approximately.

Sunday, Jan 20, I sent one request at 8:10 AM.

Monday, Jan 21 (today), I sent two, one at 4:40 AM, and 4:05, PM.

She hasn't added, replied, or blocked me since.

I have already contacted neopets via their ticketing system to report a scam/stolen account. I unfortunately don't know nor have the email the account was on, but I had at least one other password, and multiple pet and item transfer information to confirm myself as the owner of the account.
I sent the ticket around Friday or Saturday, I'm not 100% sure. I can't check the ticket number as of yet, since the neopets page is glitching me to return to the help feature, rather than allow me to enter my ticket number.
I haven't received an update from neopets either.

Skyler hasn't accessed the account since the 13th or 14th, however.. the day I gave her the information.  It doesn't seem like she moved anything on the account either, so I think she's letting it sit and "secure" under her name/IP address.
The account in question is <b>layaka</b>..

Again, this is just a warning for the general public to avoid this individual as much as possible. Until she contacts me again or I receive my payment, I'm chalking this up as a scammer.
I don't expect to receive my account back magically through FAM or Furcadia's help. I'm just informing everyone of Skyler.
Let me know if anyone's heard from her, or if I've shared too much/too little info. I don't log on FAM that much anymore, since I don't use it, however I'll try to return at least once a day to check on any messages surrounding this problem.

Contact me?



or skype (isntitobvious)