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Regarding Finished Threads~
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Greetings, members!

When you are done with your threads and wish them deleted, please change the title of the thread to "Delete" or some variation thereof that will let us know you're finished! (Just be sure to include the words "delete" so we can filter them out from the other threads)

If you are done with your thread and do NOT wish the thread deleted, please do NOT change the thread to anything including delete, such as "don't delete!" It makes it confusing for us when we start filtering out threads to purge, and make the process that much longer for us because we have to sort through all the extra threads.

On that note, we do NOT delete your finished threads unless you ask us to, so you don't even have to worry about that! c:

As always, if you need an old thread deleted to make a new one, please change the title of the old one so we can purge it, or PM a mod/report the thread to get it taken care of sooner! We're ALWAYS happy to help take care of that sort of thing, especially if it means making our jobs easier in the long run.

It was also brought up that some people are asking for their threads to not be locked. I'd like to remind everyone of this, regarding our automatic locking system! (It may be out of date now; we're not entirely sure, but if your thread is locked for seemingly no reason after not being posted in for a while, it's probably that!)

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