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Reminder: One Thread Per Section and Other Stuff
«: October 26, 2012, 05:20:40 PM»
I've noticed a growing number of users creating multiple threads in the sales-related sections of the site. We'd like to remind members that each person is only allowed one thread per buying/selling section (including freebies). If you have someone else advertising their alts in your thread, that counts as your one thread.

If your thread is locked, please contact a staff member to get it unlocked; do NOT create a new thread. The system will lock inactive threads automatically, and staff is always happy to unlock a thread that's still in use, or one you wish to recycle.

If you have multiple threads in a section, they WILL be locked and you will be given a warning. Multiple infractions will result in a suspension. So, if you have multiple threads, now's the time to take care of it!

If you aren't sure how to find an older thread because it's been buried in the forums, I made a handy-dandy guide a while back, complete with pictures!

In other news, we've had users reporting for thread necromancy in the FAMafia section. We'd like to remind users that while thread necromancy is not allowed on the site overall, we've made an exception for FAMafia to prevent duplicate threads. Remember to check to make sure what you're reporting really is against the rules in the section you're reporting it in... sometimes, the rules are a little different!

Staff is also always happy to answer any questions about a rule you don't understand. We're here to help, if you allow us to. (:

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