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r e v i e w s
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These are off-the-top-of-my-head things. I just decided to make it. I know I'm missing people. x] Please please please tell me if I missed you! (Or got your name wrong. xD)


Cheetah + We've done so much in the past. I've commissioned her an ungodly amount of times, she's done me so many sketches it's not even funny. Alt trades, art trades. Name it, we've done it. She's speedy, she's nice, she's a dork. Overall a fucking awesome person. Go hug her. Now.
Jax/Calico + She's good, speedy. Commissioned her once. Dieing to commission her again!
Alabaster Sea + Commissioned once. Had it done in a day. Planning on future commissions. Another person I love to pieces. She's nifty, please. <3
Astraea + Back, back in the day, before rainbows were in colour, I did a trade with her. Before she went on one of her big hiatus.. es, I commissioned her, and then just recently commissioned her again. She's trustworthy, not to mention flat-out awesome.
Miyuki + Doodled stuff for me. xD I love her, please and thank you.
Lucky + Made me ports in the past. She was good when she made ports, dispite the fact that we no longer see eye to eye.
Ms. Vename + I've commissioned herrr.. Twice now? Was supposed to be a couple more but I had money issues. She's a doll. And she was speedy. Overall, defiantly worth it.
Nepenthe + Commissioned her a long time ago. God good. She's awesome. Very trustworthy.
Turquoise + Sexplz. Er, uh. x) I commissioned her, and she ended up doing it for free? Wtf? Either way, it was awesome. I love it.. And her.
Mari + Commissioned her a port for Alan. She had it done quick. I ended up not using it, though, and told her she could sell it. She's sketching me something in place of it. <3 I knew her in the past, too. She's so cool ice cubes are jealous.
Mel + Commissioned her for two sketches. Had them done almost right after I paid her. Lol.
Maylie + Commissioned her a while ago. I can't exactly remember how that went over, though..


Turquoise + Astrial for some crap. I don't remember what. It was good, clean fun. Srsly.
Kelly + Rockabilly for Indiana + Porno. Very quick. She's nifty. Go trade with her plz.
Haru + I.. Think we've traded? I know I've given him, his girlfriend, and Ethan (zomg<3) stuff, soooo. I dunno. x] He's overly trusted. So he's on here. And I love them aallll.
Ciara + Bought Suffo' for 30$, I think. Smooth, easy.
Jearu + Bought Alan from her. For what, I can't remember. Some spaces, I think. Four, maybe? ._.
Kris/Jillie + They bought Tonya from me for life classics, I bought her back for five spaces. (And still need to pay her! I'm getting to it, I swear. ._.)
Dracos/Nightmare + We've done two trades in the past, I believe. His trading is simple, smooth. And a bonus? He's nicer than hell. <3 Was to me, atleast.
Alicia + Rebought Tonya from me for life Triwings. I plan on buying an alt off her soon. She's very nice. I trust her, a lot.
Gackt + Bought Cosplay from me for a couple dollars paypal. Very nice. Trusted, smooth. Brightened my day, too! x] I think I gave him some free alts, too.
Dia + Traded. What, I can't remember. I like her, she's speedy with trades. Indecisive sometimes, and tends to go through alts fast.. But, I like her.
Rain I was supposed to buy an alt and some spaces off  her, but my money situation got fucked over. Helping her run her thread right now. She's very sweet. Not around much, though..
Spam + Bought Spam from him. Defiantly more trustworthy than I thought. They don't really play Furcadia, but it needed to be put on here. <3


Hugo + Apparently some Gaia gold for a  port space. Forget how that went, too. But I like Hugo! He's nifty. Sooo.. Trustworthy. x3