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Revilian/Tanzie - Portrait traced?
«: October 08, 2012, 11:00:09 AM»
Revilian/Tanzie - Portrait traced?
8 October 2012, 10:36 am

I drew a portrait back in 2007 for the person named Akuni on furcadia because they commissioned me. Seen here:

Today I was clicking people around a dream I'm always in, Canine Secrets, and bumped into this:

Also seen here: (Deviation posted in 2010, which means 3 years later then mine.)

I normally don't care about poses or whatsoever, but this pose is uncommon and I haven't seen it around before, and a friend of mine helped me with some overlaying:

The paws and back basically overlay, only thing that changed is the head and the flow of the fur and the leg-fold. AND the eyes are in the same spot.

Also the person (:devtanzie:) claims to have gotten the sketch from someone else and finishing it herself. (

YET on her deviation it says; Character and Art by me however Klu helped me out a bit :3

The artist dissapeared who she "got the sketches from" and never agreed on her collaborating/finishing it. So she said to me that she got them and she could do whatever she wanted with them.

Yet she claims to have made it herself?

What now?

Andddd, art-theft isn't a serious matter to her, either, she said!

Though right now she cannot find the sketches, and refuses to take down the portrait/deviation from her alt.

What should I do? And this is obviously ripped off/highly referenced, no?

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