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Art Alert - Eliminate, tracer
«: October 03, 2012, 05:00:19 AM»
Art Alert - Eliminate, tracer
3 October 2012, 1:12 am

There’s a user on DA called Eliminate that appears to be charging commissioners and even getting awards for their use of copy/paste, taking parts of unreferenced photo stock and their fondness of the free transform tool. I don't know most of the commissioners to inform them they may not have gotten their money's worth. (

I’ve never commissioned them myself, but when I saw their gallery quality jumped around a lot in a very short span of time, I started asking around. They never seem to show their sketches from point A to point B, which made me wonder how they could work so fast.

Well, here’s how. I found nine pieces in two days. The majority are commissions. One can bet there's more, it's just a matter of looking and finding the right stock photos used. So if you’ve commissioned them, you may wish to decide for yourself if you got your money’s worth.

There’s a full gallery showing how they’re working so fast, in stages, showing the overlays. Obviously I couldn’t find every traced piece, but they got lazy covering their tracks. The ones I found were always on the first page of Google images.

You can see where they’ve just moved eyes to suit, mouths, etc. Tweaks make it harder to track but in many cases no adjustments were made to the used images. Often it's just body pieces, not the whole image. Looking for similar outlines makes it easier to spot the original image.

Gallery of Examples: <--- All nine pieces.

In the case of the demon commission, here is an animated gif:

There is a reference given for the Jamaika commission but I forgot to upload it, it can be found here (they did reference the piece, however the commissioner was unaware how 'referenced' until it actually lined up, perfectly in most areas):

Now, that’s just what I found. I just feel there’s a big difference between ‘heavily referenced’ and just grabbing pieces to trace then paint over top of when people are paying you specifically for your hard-earned talent.

If you’ve commissioned them, you may wish to check yours.

So this is how it's done.

1.) Find Stock Image that looks eerily similar.

(All were found on the first page of Google images, using the key words “stock photo” with whatever body part needed. “Man shooting”, “wolf face”, “glass lamp”, “photo stock couple spooning”, etc, etc. Or celebrities like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Antonio Banderas, etc.

Flip image if needed. Otherwise, tilt 15 degrees Clockwise

Free Transform: stretch image to suit preferences (or the traced sketch/pieces)

Paint overtop, connect used pieces.

Or you can just print the image, trace it, sketch in preferences and scan it in like this:

In this case no resizing or flipping was needed. For the head it only needed to be moved to align perfectly. The person who received the gift art said they were told the artist was doing a "study" of the Venus De Milo, another was told they were "inspired by it".

Right down to the hair line, perfect facial alignment, folds and... everything else.

Source: Furcadia Art Zone - Art Alerts

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