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Arabelle - design theft?
«: October 01, 2012, 11:00:18 PM»
Arabelle - design theft?
1 October 2012, 8:23 pm

So, I was going through Arabelle's alt sale thread, and she had this design up for sale on her alt Dorien.

I contacted her about the design, because it's freaking adorable and I wanted it.

I contacted her on September 23rd. The PM was noted as 'read' less than 24 hours later. I have not heard one word from her.

So, I went hunting with the intent of maybe commissioning the original artist for a similar piece - then I got in contact with someone else and they said Arabelle had been known to sell stolen designs before, so my hunt turned into a "verify if this is hers to sell" deal... and with the help of TGT's OOC room, I found the original artist of the picture, which can be seen here.

I noticed that the person the art was for was -not- Arabelle, so I contacted them and got this note:

So, Arabelle is selling a design she is NOT authorized to sell.

I haven't tried to contact her over this because she hasn't been online since she read my PM inquiring about the price of the design, and she never replied to my PM.

This is meant as a warning, and hopefully she can show up and explain why exactly she's selling a design that the original owner says was -never- for sale.

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