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29 September 2012, 9:48 pm

I do not mean to throw someone under the bus, but after I've seen other people go through similar problems I've finally built the courage up to share my own issue with this individual.

I've also been harassed by Orphic in the past when I allowed her to purchase my port lines/port commissions.

There was a particular portrait auction I had back in May and she had bidded highest and asked if I would alter the line art by adding wings. I did not agree with altering port lines but she kept pestering me to change them. I wearily agreed, was paid, and continued with a design she came up with two days later and when I applied it to the port I did not like how it blended my lines that I particularly was very fond of in the first place. She said it looks fine and not to make the character lighter as I had suggested. After a large amount of her trying to pester me and telling me that she was paying for what she wanted I finally refunded her and was continually harassed and afterwards as she demanded to keep the port and called me rude for disagreeing with her. I eventually had to be very blunt and sour and told her that I was sorry the "business could not work out" and to "please drop it"

I know she throws out large amounts of cash for art but for how she treats people, I would suggest you all just say no.

I'm sorry I've had to post this, but this individual should not be allowed to treat people this way.

I have not asked permission from Orphic to post the logs so I will decline in posting those.

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