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Orphic Design Thief + Altering / Harassment
«: September 29, 2012, 11:00:24 PM»
Orphic Design Thief + Altering / Harassment
29 September 2012, 8:50 pm

So I didn't want to have to do this but there's been nothing but problems since I've sold my alt Iceal off to a good friend of mine.

I was in a pack called Catharsis and I was playing a pup named Iceal (whom I created and I aided in creating the design). This character was mine and mine only. I paid as per request to have her ported and I also paid for some of the works (not the colored lines, Orphic did those because she wanted to not because I made her) on the alt. I've had Iceal for several months before selling her off and the character was born.

I needed to sell Iceal off because I hadn't much time to play the character. I sold her to her current player (Andrea) who was part of Catharsis. I figured she'd take over my spot as the pup. However Orphic and Maccon decided to kill her off and kick her out of the litter. She also harassed me because I didn't offer the alt to her first. Well.. she has many alts and Iceal is mine and mine alone to chose whom I sell to. It was not shared.

So later I find out she's sending harassing messages to Andrea about Iceal and that she's completely gone and ripped Iceal's character design and altered it to use on another alt for her characters pups. I am pissed.

This is Iceal:

and this is the design Orphic did out of spite after kicking Iceal from the litter and saying she was dead:

That is MY characters design and it's been altered out of spite. I do not know what the alt is named, however I am not happy with her for ripping my character and changing a few features about her because she can't have Iceal.

Andrea will be posting to confirm the harassment and I can paraphrase logs (she didn't give me permission to post and is ignoring me though I did inform her she was being posted here against) to prove what she said to me as well.

She's continuing to harass Andrea and is also involving others. This is all because I refused to go to her to offer her MY alt. I have my reasons for not going to her to sell it. I would never ever sell Iceal to her after all she's dragged me thorough before. People need to be informed that she is burning people.

This isn't the first time she's done this or tried to cancel out someone's design because they'd left Catharsis. Please, please, please be wary of this person. DO not play her characters pups or risk being burned like me and Andrea and above all don't get involved with her. Unless you want a crows butt of drama. I have tried taking this up with her directly and it appears to have proved useless.

This is a person who's anal about people stealing and ripping her designs. So why do it to me and Andrea? Why Orphic? Why can't you just stop all the fighting, stealing from me, and just let it go. Stop digging a hole for yourself. It doesn't make you look cool or better. It just hurts. It hurts me. Andrea, and others.

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