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Pythius - Watch out!
«: September 11, 2012, 11:10:30 PM»
Pythius - Watch out!
11 September 2012, 7:00 pm

Alright so I agreed to make two portraits for the price of a portrait space. My alt is Holy Ghost. It was bad enough I didn't have good references to go off of to do the portraits properly. But I was also asked to do a LOT of edits. I've spent hours on these. It's of a white and black dragon. There was also a failure of communication since this person often went AFK for at least half an hour or so then told me to make a lot of edits after he finally noticed what he didn't like. At first he liked my portraits! He said he would pay me the next morning after he sees the final edit. I was very patient and willing to work with what ever he wanted me to have done.

Now. The next morning, all of a sudden he didn't like it. And it took a very long time for me to come into contact with him again. I was under the assumption he had no intention of paying me despite all the edits. I apologized, I tried to work with him and then I finally said don't use them. Simple as that. I resold them as premades and editted it enough to how the people who purchased them wanted. They are now purchased and belong to separate owners now. Now Pythius wasn't happy about it and neither was Neurosis. He got his friend Neurosis to attack me about it. They are dragon portraits. They wanted me to change them entirely because they think they look too similar to their characters. Well, it's difficult for me to adjust a portrait that's already saved and completely done but I made enough of a change that people would not reconize as them. Are they claiming to own white and black dragons now?

Then he said he was going to keep the portrait and threatened to make a post about me on FAM. I told him he couldn't keep the portrait but before I was able to do any thing, he put the silence rule on me. BUT STILL continued to whisper me. Before I even had the chance to bother doing a further edit, I was attacked, insulted and disrespected. I had to get a guardian involved. What's done is done.

Artists beware! Pythius is very difficult to work with. I wouldn't suggest you going to him.

I tried to be very fair with both of them until it came to this point.

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