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I'd like to begin with my most recent trader so that when I add more, it'll simply bump downward so I'll have the current events on top.

Jisatsu brandished something of great interest to me and thusly I waited for it, but I went ahead and got with the help of a friend of mine considering I was two GDs short. Thanks again for that, by the way! And thanks to the seller. I'm really quite happy with my purchase! It was so fast--perhaps one of the fastest trades I've ever done and it was smooth, smooth, smooth! I highly recommend doing trades with them and man do they ever have a vast, vast selection to boot! Thank you! #SO

Thank you, Trinity, for the wonderful and very fast trade! This trade went about as smooth as water on crystal. The PMs were promptly responded too and she didn't get upset at me when I hunted her down in Furcadia because I was anxious to see if everything was a-go! If there was any problem, it was me being a pester. :P Nevertheless, I recommend doing any trades with this one! Quick to know what she wants and quick to reply. None of that, "I don't know, tell me what you want to offer" nonsense. Thank you very much! I shall cherish it and so shall my other half! <3

Ho-shi--! I got one of the best trades ever from Mac! She sold me a bundle of Life Digos for an extremely, extremely affordable price and I couldn't be happier about it! I'm ecstatic really and the trade was very efficient, very quick considering it was through snail mail and everything couldn't go anymore perfect. She's moving on, but she's got amazing deals and is very friendly and down to business about it. She's also understanding and knows that some things just take time. But the communication was perfect, the trade was perfect, and I thank her for the wonderful find! Trust is definitely not an issue here. Highly recommendable!

Tuesday takes a stand and put up with my buggin' 'em while they were trying to idle in peace. I had been searching for this alt for a long, long time now and I had to save up so mons to get it but upon saving I waited until I knew I had it before I asked 'em. So now I have my alt and they have their GDs. Thank you so much for the trade. It was easy, reliable and both parties were greatly satisfied in the end. So I highly suggest that any to everyone purchase/buy/trust them with their stuffs. Great, great trade! Thank you!

Both Space and Wicked had some portrait space deals that I could not refuse! For that matter so did Kit and Kat! All four of these individuals helped me to reach my goal for my newest alt Sohma. Wonderful deals, great people to work with, all very fast and efficient and they all helped me make off like a bandit with these here spaces! Compliments to you all and thank you for help! The Zodiac family will be pleased. Each one of these individuals are very trustworthy and quick to boot. So if they're selling something, you gotta buy it.

Kayla is a quite the busy bee, but she was kind enough to make time for me in letting me purchase her Life Furling for forty big ones. The trade was honest and pretty dang quick and there wasn't a single issue that came about. They're pretty good at conversation as well. Thank you for the awesome trade and to anyone who is interested in making a trade with them, I recommend it!

bill, yes that's right. I remember now. It seems I've been forgetting people lately. It's not my intention, really! But I remember the art trade. It was for that, uh, game everyone was obsessed with for a while. The one where everyone screams OBJECTION or whatever. ^^; Yeah, I don't know. Nevertheless, I drew something for 'em and in return they drew an adorable pic of my character. It was a cute lil thing too! I remember how patient and sincere they were because I was taking a hundred years to do it. Their art is adorable and I know they can be trusted to do their part in the trade! So thank you for the reminder and the darn good trade!~

Asphyxiation; now how could I forget her? Good grief, I bugged the pants off of her (not that she's actually wearing any to begin with), and then I go and forget. I apologize greatly and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me! She's done wonderful and risque things for me and I can't appreciate an open mind anymore than that! She's an amazing portrait artist and I receive nothing but compliment after compliment on the works I have done by her. She's a very busy woman so be patient with her, but she's also super sincere (no pun intended, hur, hur) and is very willing to answer any to all questions and very willing to work with you should you have any issues to which I never did, but she always asked if I did so yah. Nevertheless, she's trustworthy and I'd say give her a holla'.

Bobby Robbins takes the plate and both of us had what one another wanted so I took it upon myself to message them in Furc. A small waiting period of like an hour and that was it! Fast, reliable, and they helped me realize commands in Furcadia I hadn't known about before. I appreciate that by the way! Nevertheless, it was 50 GDs for a Life Furling. Thank you for the trade and I'm glad things worked out well for you! I know what its like to be in a rut! So do trades or buy their stuff or whatever. They're good.

In developing an alt, there are certain needs, even when funds are tight and Brittany had one of the greatest deals I had seen in ages. Batwings for Life for 40 GDs. I had to nab that up. I needed/wanted a pair and she was absolutely delightful to work with. Quick, secure, certain, and very patient when she hadn't known it was me attempting to contact her. ^_^ I was amused. Nevertheless she even went through the trouble of purchasing the appropriate means to transfer the item over to me. That was really considerate and I think any trade with her would be a good choice on anyone's part. Thank you for the trade! I will have fun with them!

Marik had a portrait up for auction and I'm no fan of feral portraits--or I'm just very particular, but this one was exceptionally adorable so I had place a bid on it. The auction was a really good idea despite my not liking them very well. ^^; Anyhoo, I won the auction and paid 16 GDs for a precious wolven portrait. It's unique and far from the feral stereotype. It is now uploaded and posing a my rendition of a certain favorite character of mine. ^_^! Thank you Marik!

Gaz was kind enough to recall me when it came to a certain portrait I had wanted in the past. It was a Pez one, of course, and it was of a boy yawning and wearing a little rabbit hat--cute as an effin' button. Anyhoo, Gaz had recieved permission from Pez to resale it and placed it on auction--remembered I too had wanted to purchase it when they got to it first and inquired if I would like to make the dibs on the portrait. Very, very sweet of them, no? So I bought it and the purchase is official. Thank you so much! That was very generous!

Turns out that Anti and I have alot in common! We're both college losers late in years, ready to hit reality with apprehension in our guts! Go us! Well the trade was for an alt which has a dual purpose oddly enough. My girlfriend has had this character made up for years and we're going to use it, of course. It will also be my addition to a cutie cafe I was cordially invited to join.. Ack! On with trade. We spent a few days communicating back and forth and have the most pleasurable conversations! It was beyond trading at this point and was just an optimistic sharing of ideas and events in our lives. It was nice to have somoene to relate to. Thank you for that! And for the record, this is a must go! Buy from her, now please!

Another quickie thanks to Holly! I was lookin' to get a gift for a really good friend of mine and I knew she wanted a certain alt somethin' awful an' well, now she's got it! I appreciate the quick transaction and the sweet conversation we exchanged in the process of waiting. It was quite fun! Help her get her smilies to good homes! She's very sincere, trustworthy and a catch to work with! I recommend her completely! T'was fast!

Woo. I'll say Hybrid has professionalism down pat, but we both have such opposite schedules that staying in contact, much less contacting each other period was one rough ride, but it was more than worth it! I managed to get a very, very sentimental alt that means a lot to me IRL and holds semblance in my life. I'm very grateful for their trustworthy means of handling the transactions and providing quick enough feedback once the money was sent to eventually retrieve the alt. Thank you, and I sincerely hope that more patrons mosey their way!

Kendra is up to bat. I had inquired about her alt when she had it up for sale for 28 GDs. I had to jump at that right away and I spoke with her on Furcadia. She's very nice, patient and her friends apparently have her best interests in mind. xD Anyhoo, I was completely understanding and took my leave and told her to let me know if it ever does go back for sale again and the next day she came right back and offered it for sale. The price had changed some, but it was quite alright! It had portraits and artwork on it, but I only wanted the naked alt to start completely over with it, and she was able to use all of the stuff for it on a different alt of hers! We both won out! Thank you! <3

Next is the marvelous trade via Marvelous! Adjective alts keep me goin'. Anyhoo, I wanted the alt to complete a pairing and we struck a deal we both were pleased with and it merely took a day for the entire thing to go down. With the way I'm describing it, it almost sounds like some drug deal or something. ^^; Nevertheless, it was a swift transaction and I recommend the safety net that is this trader! Honest and eager to hear your side, this is one person who will not gip you one bit. :) THANKS!

Pickle did my character's portrait! The lil bugger turned out so dang cute I nearly died! The character was literally not developed whatsoever--he didn't even have a description or an official color code! But working with Pickle, I gave her ideas of what I wanted to see with the character and what I assumed would be cute and she did the masterminding of the creation. She's a doll to work with, trusting, considerate, and apparently is up for the challenge! I want more, I want more!

Trex made my precious beloved a most wondrous portrait of her original character. :) It was gorgeous and working with Trex was so easy and she was so forgiving of my lapses in memory when describing the character to her. You won't be disappointed, I can assure you and she's so sincere to boot! I know I'm going back when I get the chance! Don't bother her when she's not open though! ):< Yay!~ <3

In my search to the alts that go with beloved's family of fortunes, I came across Bizarre. That worked out rather well and apparently I had found myself a deal considering the price was lowered to 5 GDs. That's immensely helpful and the trade was fast, fast, fast. Bizarre is good to work with and obliging. I recommend a trade with them. You'll get your just deserves.

Poor Gackt. Just tryin' to get rid o' some alts..! Well, I'm making an effort to get into Pokemon so I figured I'd make the effort with style. The trade was smooth, though a bit uncertain, as we both have a half-hearted idea of what value and pricing is. I highly recommend trading with this lil number though! They've got amazing stuffs and I enjoyed the negotiations!

The Illusion was amazingly fast.. o.o! I was stunned with the response time and a bit saddened to part them with an alt I knew they cherished. I understand the motto of, "Desperate times call for desperate measures," and I can assure you the alt is in good hands. They were quick, kind, considerate, patient, and very easy to deal with. This went along smoothly and I recommend giving them a buzz for alts 'n such..!

Ely as I know him delivered me a portrait that was too cute for words! Unfortunately I didn't have any digos for him and we're currently in the process of a trade for an alt, but nevertheless, this dear personage is cute as heck and hyper to boot! Cooommmisssiooonn them and you'll get amazingly sparkly results. Fun to converse with and trustworthy. An alt whore in the making, but what can I say, Dickgirl is flippin' interesting. xD

Erik/Dariel sold to me an alt for the one I love the most. <3 I'm learning about the world of Good Omens. He was business-like and professional, and very kind and strikingly considerate when time came for purchasing and offers. We had an encounter with a small waiting period but all went well and things were completed smoothly. Thank you very much for the wonderful snake. Enjoy yours as well..!

Catrohic or Nibble via FAM because I can't pronounce Catrohic well inspired me to get AIM. Even though its noises and smilies frighten me, it's not a bad place. Onto the review! I purchased for my bid via the auction, an alt and me not being a fan of auctions was a bit stressed because I have communication problems with the lack of time and internet. Things, however went amazingly well, and Nibble was right down to business. I was even offered suggestions for the character and me not being creative, that's always a plus! The trade was exceptionally smooth and I would recommend doing future trades with 'em as they are honest and, well, it works--it just works. Thanks! <3

Alice climbs my wall of names next and she actually is very patient and sincere--and she wants me to be a returning customer! Oh how flattered I am!~ Well, I had an issue with Paypal. It started sending everyone E-checks instead of an instant transaction. I informed the individuals that I have paid for portrait commissions and so forth about this and they all seemed very sincere and very patient and I couldn't be more grateful for this. I'm sorry if this messed up anyone's list-of-to-do, but I later found out that it was my debit card. It had expired. Hopefully everything is fixed now and I can go about finishing my portrait conquest. Thank you for the beautiful portrait! I love the character and the game. As we all know, kids, we love Legend of Zellda: Twilight Princess. Mmhm!~

Hello Kitty, how are you? >.>! Aside from the weirdness that is me, I managed to find something of value to her which in turn she carried something of great value to me an' it turned out we had a wonderfully quick and modest trade! Everything went smoothly and it was business definitely before pleasure. We got everything done and everything just passed along greatly! Smooth trader, knew their stuff, as did I (I hope) and well, go for it!

Woo! Kimbley had an alt I wanted and in order to get the the Bros. I had to nag her about it. The trade was lengthy in the fact that I didn't have anything at first to give her for him, but she was kind enough to contact me about it with options and suggestions as well as hold the alt for me so that when I did get the stuffs, she'd still have it! Thank you for the excellent trade and the patience! I couldn't have done it without the time-consuming bouts I had to go through! I recommend! I do!

Hinderence is one of the cutest bunnies in Furc along with a select few others (c'mon guys, you know who you are), and she does amazing ports! However, I got the honor, the privilege, and the opportunity to be her first alt buyer. I wouldn't necessarily call it a trade since I bought the alt--but I guess it is... Anyhoo, she was excruciatingly polite and she happened along with an alt I had wondered about for a good long while. I purchased it from her and it came with two very beautiful portraits. The trade was easy, enjoyable and if she's interested in selling or buying, she's exceptionally trustworthy and possibly too nice for her own good.

An' now, folks, we have Samson who I found late in life. :P I noticed an alt I had wanted and I nearly had an attack! I instantly jumped in on a PM and the very same day action was taken and I received a positive response and everything managed to go through accordingly. Samson is a personage of few words, but they get the job done and also, I've noticed, make amazing portraits as well! It's too bad they had go and quitted. :< Anyhoo, any trades done with Samson is a MUST!

#SI It's Pokemon. He was awesome enough to let me hang out with him for starters (he's my friend!) and then he even sold me a Life Kiwi! What shiz is that?! I was jumping insanely for joy when I got that dern thing because I was for certain that I wasn't going to be able to get one and I know for a fact that I couldn't afford the huge package deal either. He was patient and riddled with my bumblings and a great person overall to work with. I loves me some Monz. #SI I highly recommend doing any trade he maybe open for, but I never really see him around with stuffs, but if he is, do it. Do it or else. #SI

Look! It's Davis! An' well, I bought an alt from them for a sweet 3 Gold Dragon Scales! The trade was a stunning beauty--started with a brief window-browsing on my part, a complimentary PM and then it just went from there. I also got a good laugh! Too bad I was dog-arse tired too. xD! I really think this was a great trade and I recommend anyone to trade with Davis. It was a pleasure and I hope you felt the same! Buy their stuffs!

Hill came to me with interest. This, folks, has got to be one of the quickest trades I had ever experienced in my life. It was like, HI, here, THANKS, 'kay! It was quick, easy, everyone got what they wanted and it was just a joy to finally find Nere a place to go. I was worried he'd rot forever with me. I hope he is loved and this would be a recommended trader!

Mauser! Holy frickin' smokes! I'm sorry! Mauser is one of the best bunnies in the world and she carries around bunny pom-poms which is cute as hell. <3 Anyhoo, the trade was 50 big-monnies for a pair of Life Classics and I paid her in advance to help her with a situation she had and told her to hold onto the classics for me until I knew where they were going. A previous trade I had going didn't fall through so the classics stayed with me in the end! She was exciting and very kind and I'm always a big fan the bunny-rabbit community! Support bunnies, buy Mauser's stuffs!

Stephie is now taking the stage with another wonderful trade experience via my and hopefully her part! I bought from her for 4GDs (all in SDs mind you). Tis one of my nicknames apparently via Furc and I figured I ought to have it to complete me. xD Stephie was amazing, quick to respond and very patient while I dug through my pocket lint to find that many lil SDs. Thank you so much and I want you all to go and buy her things because she's a gem to work with!

That's right! I've got another name to add to the list of fame. This time Cinderella gracefully appears upon my board. Cinderella and I had been talking off and on about an alt and I wasn't sure if I was going to have enough stuff in time to purchase it before hand but it turns out I did and a few sacrifices had to be made, but all in all it went well and this had to have been one of the most pleasant trades I have ever made in all my smallish career of alting. She's super sweet and very kind and an excellent conversationalist! Thank you for the wonderful experience and I highly recommend purchasing from her! <3

Another one! Kelly via FAM! This was the hardest trade of my life, but not because of her--no, not at all! I was after an alt I've been after for years now and she was so kind and most importantly exceptionally -exceptionally- patient! I cannot even begin to thank her for everything. She's made a Furc dream come true. :P! Anyhoo, I traded her a hefty sum of stuffs for her alt. She had graciously agreed to a payment plan with installments. Do not expect her to do this with just everyone! Please don't pester her about it. I now have the alt and I officially OWE HER 0 GDs! Everything is paid off and the deal is sealed! Thank you so much. You have fulfilled me. Kelly is #1.

Up for the next round we have Saki whom of which everyone shall widely know as Nartuo I'm sure (though honestly I've never seen the anime myself. I know, right? Naive, sheltered me..). Anyway, the trade started with a friend of mine in need of selling an alt and I took on the responsibility of aiding her in doing this. Saki was interested almost instantly and placed his bids. Everything started out smashingly until Furcadia froze his account keeping him from being able to purchase anything from Infire which it has done to me--but sadly to him twice now! Everything went smoothly otherwise. Basically Furcadia's just paranoid--or better Infire's paranoid. I'd highly recommend Saki--he's very kind, very patient and has no intentions of snubbin' anyone of their goods. Oh, and he's a he, not a she! Keep that in mind, folks. :3

The next up in line is Trean/izuna who I bought an alt for Alex-Makoshi! <3 It all turned at well on both parties and she was very understanding when I had vanished due to a sickeningly ill wireless connection. Some people do the disappearing thing to get out of stuff. When I do it, it's because I'm leeching wireless. Hah hah! Anyhoo, I recommend Trean! She's very understanding and is good company too!

Next we have Alex-Makoshi himself! Super nice, very sweet and highly emotional, but only in the good ways. I enjoy a sensitive person--what can I say? I had purchased the alts and have always longed to get my paws on 'em both. They're gorgeous alts and they came from an equally vivacious individual. Thank you very much for the sweet trade and I hope you enjoy your alt! You deserve it! <3

Fengo who was once previously known as WildCoyote or something of that similarity. xP Anyhoo, I had wandered into the right place at the right time quite some time ago with a pair of Life Classics on my back. Indeed a surprising trade was made of my Life Classics for their Life Dragon. I was shocked and recalled asking repeatedly if this was certain on their minds and once confirmed sincerely the trade was made. I would highly recommend trading with her as she's exceptionally sweet and sincere and means good business!

And next we have Mosh who was the most patient with me of all my traders via any trade I have literally ever made with Furcadia or anything for that matter. I had received a message from Furcadia stating that all of my purchases from three months back were to be cancelled unless I somehow managed to prove to Furcadia that it was me who made these purchases so I couldn't possibly give the owner of Nere anything despite my longing for the adorable alt. Nevertheless, after about a week's worth of fretting over previous trades and cancellations and refunds and returns and blah, blah, blah, Furcadia's Infire department accepted my identification and then the transaction was made. Thank you so freaking much for roughing it with me. I think that this personage deserves a high quality stamp and an even higher recommendation for trading with! <3

TK is the next in line for yet another swift transaction. I purchased a Wolven for Life from 'em and it happened just under four PMs. Thank goodness our times were somewhat similar. n_n! I enjoyed the fact that this was a pleasurable business-like professionalism and everything was said and done. Thank you for the Wolven. I'll take good care of it and I very much recommend you submitting your trades to TK. Thus far not a single dilemma. Good stuffs, ya'll. :3

AFI piqued my interest when I noted the alt. I waited for a bit and then decided to pass along a PM and the reply was nearly the same day and contacting them was the easiest thing ever! We only played PM tag like once and then the offer was made and the trade was done! I highly recommend doing any form of trading with 'em because things get done quickly and they are super trustworthy indeed! Thank you very much. <3

Arley/Vernon had actually been a good friend of mine in Furcadia and we never really consented to trade with one another, but eventually had an art trade in mind that never came to be. Nevertheless, I wanted to purchase the alt Toby from him and that's when it all came apart. I was going to sell the alt to someone else and I had told him this, in fact the person was there right under his nose confirming the transactions with me and I had told him that I was going to indeed be selling off the alt. He was fine with it until a few days later when I hadn't received payment or even response about the alt from the buyer so I put it up on auction to get back what I spent because I was "out" that much money. I even put a line in the auction, "Subject to change should the original buyer contact and consent to trade" and I had received numerous PMs from Arley calling me an "asshole" "two-faced" and other unnecessary names then one from his sister lecturing me as though I were a child. I didn't think to save them, however I have his recent messages to post though they are a bit more light-hearted to say the least. I hate to put up a bad review about anyone and the fact is I never had to before, but Arley is exceptionally moody and both he and his sister have been (by hearing from others who bought their old alts) regretful in selling things and hold bitter grudges with people when they don't get what they sell back. It's just plain awful how they immaturely attack folks for using the alts for their own purposes. I recommend completely AGAINST making any trades with them, but they do perform without scamming so it's your own decision to make. Just be prepared for severe personal attacks.

--> (His FAM name is Cloud and his sister's continues to change in order to hide her identity.)

Astraea was one of the quickest little trades I have ever been a part of. It was a digo trade and it was triangulated--meaning I sent he money to somebody who gave her something and she gave me the digo and shake it all out; do the hokey-pokey--Heh.. Anyhoo, this was a very fair and trustworthy trade and her art is amazing as well. I have yet to commission her, but she's pretty spiffy and I highly recommend her.

Akarui-Kurai was really, really fun to work with. I got to send her a letter using my stationary set that wasn't the smelly-goody kind and in there was also a snail mail payment for a portrait that I greatly wanted. The portrait's home now remains with Vyndor. :3 Both renditions of the portrait, with and without the wings are magnificent and I appreciate the changes she went all out for to make for me. It was very thoughtful and she didn't have to do it. I recommend her for any form of trade because just getting to talk with 'em is good enough..!

Hugo was one of the bravest commissioned artists I think I have ever met, taking on the challenge that is the Dark Knight. I absolutely adore my portrait from him and he was a dashing conversationalist as well. I implore that you commission him because not only is he just freaking amazing as it is, but he'll do anything that he can to make everything according to your wishes. Recommended and highly so! Take my word for it.

Baroque is like one of the fastest traders in the whole free world. o.o I saw an opening and I was like -nab!- so yah.. This trade went as smooth as water on glass and was a very trustworthy session that took place in FAM alone. Baroque is highly recommended and very, very sincere. The trade was made and I ended up with the alt. Huzzah! Thank you very much!

Zaffie was very, very friggin' quick to respond to my sad little plea for spaces. I had an extra Digo and I needed it to go to a good home and wham, not long after I made the post I received an interested party. The deal is officially complete! Zaffie is very sweet and I trusted 'em right off the bat. I recommend doing work with this one as they seem very sincere and had been very earnest as I insisted on passing the digo over. Thank you very much for this.

Skarn was very, very busy, but they made time for our trade and was persistent on making certain we both remained in contact. I very much appreciate and cherish the trade we made. I managed to get the alt. This was a very happy day for us all. <3 Thank you Skarn, you're too kind.

I have also done trades with:

Moira/Hojo who has gifted me a few alts as well such as Lois and Jor-El and I the same to her. She also sold me an alt for I think it was three spaces. :3 Moira/Hojo and I have been friends for a good long while and I totally trust her and so should you.

Oh hecksville! I totally want to add xenon to the mix because she's the one of which I bought one of my most cherished possessions from. <3 I paid, I think it was, four portrait spaces. I remember when it was just peddling through my mind for like months and then I finally broke down and bought the alt. It has given me tons of great memories and something interesting that I actually can use what little imagination I have on developing him ^_~;. One of the best trades I ever did, plus xenon gave me pointers on portrait work too. Thank you!

Smurf sold me an alt! I absolutely adore the character I have turned it into. Smurf and I stayed in contact a good while after the trade was completed. She kinda just sticks to you in a good sort of way! She's very friendly and oftentimes busy, but I very, very much recommend you doing bidness with her.

BOOMsplode! BOOMsplode, like most other precarious alt traders was very cautious in this trade and I completely respect that. It was a relatively quick trade and the color code exchange was a bit humorous too. I would recommend having business with this one right here. <--

Narnia sold me some portrait spaces once. I can't rightly remember when, but the important part is that it was totally random and I was grateful that he had what I needed when I needed it. n_n; Narnia is a very good trader--all down to business-like and quick too. I suppose I'd be wasting my time by saying that I recommend Narnia for stuff like wings and spaces, but yes, he won't gip you or anything.

Kiwi is outstanding! I love Kiwi. She sold me a ton of friggin' spaces and life wings too. Classics I believe--but nevertheless she's very trustworthy and carries a rather good sense of humor on her as well. Thank you for knowing what it's like to want pixel wings and be broke at the same time. You're truly to kind. <3 I totally recommend this one to the crowd.

Next folks, we have Rome! Rome is really, really sweet and I hated to see her selling off all of her goods in considering to leave Furcadia, but it's good to see she stayed. Nevertheless, I bought a Life Dragon from Rome and that was very, very much the coolness. Rome was extremely patient with my indecisive nature and worked with me. I really recommend this Rome-ness for any sort of trade.

Now, I can't remember exactly, but the girl who sold me the alt--last time I checked--Whitney (IRL name). Anyhoo, she held the alt for me while I got my things together even when she was offered more than I offered, she still held it for me and allowed me to pay what I had originally offered. Is that not the nicest thing ever..? She's so friggin' nice and I enjoyed trading with her. I don't know where she is or if she's changed mains, but I hope she'll appreciate to know that it is being well cared for.

Usagi bought several anime alts from me for portrait spaces which I believe were the Sorcerer Hunters collection. She was fun to talk to as well considering we're both comic book junkies, but I'm thinking she's on the Marvel side. Ah we all can't be perfect.. Just kiddin'! I <3 Marvel a lil too. Usagi is good, yes.

Edward sold me an alt for one portrait space which was very, very awesome because I love the friggin' alt so derned much. It was a quick trade and we both stayed in contact practically all throughout the trade. She's super nice and the fact she has no qualms speaking her mind makes for an interesting conversationalist. <3

Mychelle and I have done a few trades actually! When I was after an alt she sold me on of her NFTs in order to help me. I guess she saw how desperate I was.. Hrm, hrm. She saved my rear, needless to say and then she graciously put an alt on hold for me and held it for like ever. I'm surprised I wasn't the reason she doesn't hold alts anymore, but it took me ages to get it. I finally traded her the alt Mirror (once I nabbed it) for an alt which was an exciting but haggering experience. Mychelle is a must trust. She's very, very patient and exceptionally professional.

Rhia traded me an alt which was the hardest trade I think I have ever done in my life. She's just like me in a sense that she knows when something valuable like that is in your grasp, it's hard to let go. Meaningful alts are the hardest ever to deal with, but she was patient with me and we remained as professional as possible. Then later she traded me another alt for spaces and monnies. That went by ten times easier and the trade was freaking fast. I recommend Ookami for sheer professionalism.

Rachel is her name but I can't post her main because it changes so frequently, but she's always, -always- been a good trader! She knows what value means and she's very considerate when it comes to the actual trading. She's not going to cheat anyone and she's honest to boot. I do so recommending her. Yep.

Jearu bought the alt Dota from me for three spaces. It was a patient trade and I had no qualms whatsoever waiting for her to retrieve the spaces. She's very kind-hearted and-and she loves to bake..! <3 I would give anything to be able to bake.. ;_; I recommend, recommend her.

Keriss sold me the alt Superman.. That was a godly gesture that I'll forever and ever cherish. ;_; I hold dear to that alt and I'll never forget the day I got it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my Furcadian life interesting. n_n;

Rinoa is one of the nicest people I've ever known. We're actually studying the same career field which makes for great conversation when we speak! She traded an alt way back when (the one I traded, I can't remember) but she traded to me another, hah, alt. I have had it for quite a many years and he's some what of a symbol of our friendship. Thank you for that. I do so highly recommend this one!

Zero may not be around Furcadia anymore, but I had to track that girl down.. I was after one of my best DC alts EVER and I had chased her for more than two years! I eventually found her DA which later led me to her My Space and wham, I got into contact with her and we made a deal. She's really quiet and no longer does anything at all furc related, but she was really a dear-heart to do that after I obsessively hunted her like that. n_n; Thank you, darling for everything! I do so cherish it immensely.

Morgan is amazing! She truly is! We made a trade via Ebay..! I bought her some stuff and it was rough getting it to her, but I managed it no problem. I got in return Life Triwings and a portrait for one of my alts that we both collaborated in doing. Morgan may seem ferocious but in all actuality-well, yah, she is. n_n! But I highly, highly recommend her. She's super trusting and very easy to work with.

As far as art goes, I have very many people to mention here..!

Mynt/Eevee has got to be one of the most patient, talented, and overworked artists I know--right next to Lobsel and a few others I may mention. She's done both collabs and commissions with me and she actually bought a piece of art from me that I drew a few years ago! I was amazed and loved what she did with it! She's made my day more than I can say and I think everyone should commission her at least once! Wait until she's opened of course! But everything was as smooth as a baby's rump with this one! <3

We've got Pez who's done a few collaborations with me and she designed a character she had no idea was going to be the official one of my mains. Yays. Pez is very, very sweet and though I think her commissions are oftentimes closed, I'd still recommend if and when they're not. :3

Nephys is another! Nephys has done so many portraits of mine that I've literally lost count, but yah, you get the picture. Nephys is dedicated and hard-working. I'm not sure if she's opened right now, but she's been hard at work with college for a good while now. I still recommend highly though.

Mari is one of the nicest yet timid individuals I have ever known. She knew my desperation to get things portraited and worked with me endlessly to get it done. We have done quite a few collabs and I have trusted her skill immensely. She's a very good artist-ah and I would highly recommend doing some stuff with this one when she's open of course. She's kind, patient and quite the quick as well. <3 Thank you for all you've done. It means a lot to me still.

Dag Alie, I think is her name did two full body sketches of my characters and she did an amazing job! I've been meaning to commission her again, in fact and hopeful keep tabs on her art. She's really darned good and I would recommend her highly to all those looking for adorable anime-ish/doujinshi-esque artwork.

Simplify did a few finishings-up on portraits of mine. She was real nice about it too because I think I caught her on her closed time, but I'm not sure that's why I had asked when I did. She polished off two of 'em and they turned out loverly! Thank you muchly for that!

Amileth is one of the greatest people to work with out there! She's also a superhero fan too which is great for me. Heh. She polished off a few portraits for me as well making them into excellent bits of art and I thank her for her patience in dealing with lil ole me! I can be difficult at times it would seem. n_n; I recommend her highly, especially for those awesome character sheets of hers.

Lobsel Vith is my current art-whore! She's done quite a few lil collabs with me as well and they have turned out great! We collabed on a few other and then I had her do a ports for several others. Lobsel's art is amazing and I truly think she should be commissioned immediately. Very easy to do business with too and she's freakin' fast. :o

Aeryn Elanor is another artist I hired to help me finish off my collection of goods. She stuck with me for practically a year! She was busy quite a bit too, but she was amazing and very patient with my nit-picky lil details. I don't know if she's open or even around anymore, but if you get a chance to nab her, she's amazing and her art will blow you away.. <3

Here we have Turquoise folks! I don't exactly remember the trade per say, but we've had several "almost dealings" in the past and she's humorous to boot. I enjoyed very much our lil conversations. She's also very good at taking care of this here website as well. Any and everytime I've had a question I've referred to her or Kiwi and I was always greeted with at least tolerance. ^_~ j/k. Turq is recommendable and reliable!
________________________ ________________________ _____________

Now onto a different section... Things people have said 'bout me!~

superman/shota - she has to be one of the nicest, most patient people i know... she commissioned me to help design/make a port of her character shota, and even though it took me forever, i eventually got it done! then a while after that she came back to me asking if she could commission me for a ref and another port, and even though i already had a huge workload i took her commission on anyways, because she really is just so sweet and patient... she's like the physical manifestation of every glowing adjective under the sun.

Superman - Traded me Dotta for 3 spaces and was kind enough to wait for them to be transferable. Veryvery nice.

Superman - LOVELY person. Traded them a life furling for 40 USD. If they ever ask you to do a trade, you should always accept. <3

Superman -  Commissioned me for a portrait. Very nice and overly careful when requesting changes or edits. This person will completely and totally respect whoever they commission. Make sure you get them to cough up any changes they might want otherwise they may be too shy to say anything. A very sweet commissioner who I'd love to work for again.

Superman - A very lovely person; we've been chatting through PM for a bit now. Traded an alt to her and her love (who are putting Marsh to wonderful use) and I definitely recommend trading with her. She's very flexible, prompt, and an absolute delight to trade/talk with.

[<3] Superman ~ Wonderful trader, done a few alt trades here and there, lovely trader.

superman --> bought sheriff from me. this was a sweet trade and we both performed excellently

Superman is one of the nicest people you'll ever come in contact with, srsly and she writes the best reviews (no matter how small of a trade you do with her :D) But back to my trade review! I traded Super for 4GDS and all went well ^^

Superman - AGGH Superman is SO nice, omfg. I can't describe how nice she is. You know when you talk to someone, and they just give off that nicest person in the world vibe? Yeah, that's what Superman is like. She bought Luigi off of me (sorry guys), for life ferian and 40 GD. She was really prompt to order the 40 GD and already had the ferian. I highly recommend trading with her if you can; she's trustworthy to every extent. <3

Superman - Amazing, amazing, amazing. I traded him my life batwings for his 40 GD and the trade went very fast with no hint of scam. Superman is a genuinely nice person and made me feel very comfortable while in the trading process. Superman can be trusted, and is an amazing trader.

Superman: Holyfuckcakes. She should get the 'Nicest Person on Furc' award. Because she's just so damn sweet D8
We did an art trade recently, despite her busy schedule, she managed to shell out a cute ink for Ema <3~ You should all commission her when she opens up. Do it, DO EET D8<

Superman:[/size] Traded them the alt Nere. Trade went well, a bit of waiting on both of our sides. For the most part the trade was effortless, and I'd say Superman is an easy person to trade with, dependable, and honest.
Edit: Got the kitters from them too. (: All is well. :p

Superman - Bought Beast Boy for paypal. Superman is, by far, THE most polite trader there is, an is an absolute dream to work with. If I could give my entire stock of banana stickers to him, I would.

Superman - Ilu. Very nice individual .. I hate to see the idiots that make her upset! We each gifted a few alts to each other, very trustworthy. Im probably the first to voluntarily share Chloe Sullivan with her. Mwahaha <3


LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 Sold them the alt Orphan for 1gd, trade went simple and easy, and I am very glad it went to a loving home! We had a wonderful conversation afterwards about superheroes :hee hee: Very nice and easy to get along with person, I have a feeling were going to be good friends :P I would DEFINTLY trade with again! <3 ^_____^

Superman - One of my frequent customers, Super is LOVE. Patient and excited, and very trustworthy with payment. Gives great descriptions and references for what she wants.

Superman/Bun/Dick/Derk - wonderful person! nice. sweet. and fun to talk to. has done a few gift arts for me which i <3 her for. ILU SUPER!

Superman: One word: #SO! I love Supe, she's so interesting to talk to, and possibly the nicest person I've ever had the honor of saying I know! I think we did a trade involving Aqualad at some time, but my memory sucks, so who knows. <3 Again, another semi-useless stating-the-obvious, since I've never seen anyone have a problem with Supe. How could you, really? Highly recommended! :P

Superman - ILU ILU ILU! Supe is like a lost sibling to me <3 Her and I share so much in common. I've given Supe privileges no one's ever had when it comes to my art. SOOOOOO nice and honest to boot ^_~ Supe is a darling with a heart of gold and should be seriously respected when doing a trade. she loves the alts she has and you know with it going to her or coming from her it's well loved.

Superman: Fastest trade ever! Very very smooth. Very kind person. Traded Precious to him. Thank you very much!

Superman - Amazing person! She bought one of my premade ports for a pricy amount. It was snail-mail and she sent the money before she got the port. She was also calm and patient, since she wanted wings on the premade, but there was no wings on the port. The style of the premade was hard to regain, so it took me a while to finish. But Superman was patient with me. Excelent person to deal with and talk to. Very trustworthy!

Superman - She didn't trade anything with me, but she worked with me and Teah so we get to trade. I really x infinity appreciate your help.

Superman - Very easy to work with, very nice, and all around nice person from what I've seen. How could you go wrong with The Man of Steel? :O

superman --> bought sheriff from me. this was a sweet trade and we both performed excellently

If I have forgotten anyone in both sectors, please feel free to let me know. <3 Thank you!
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Aaaaah, I see my name. I wuv you!

Lobsel is a chick? Oo The DA says dude...I can't keep up with people one the internet, you all confuse me.

Not active on Furc but I'm keeping my alts.
Best to not ask or bother me about any of them.

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Traded you Flash for Mirror. xP heh. At least, I think so. Bad memory of mine. lol.
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Look again! I saw your name on the bottom and I was like, "Yep, need to add her." I was putting you on there the moment I saw you. You're not the only one with a bad memory. It's why I'm staying logged in so I can see everyone and hopefully be reminded. Which reminds me..
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Quote from: "Superman"
Look again! I saw your name on the bottom and I was like, "Yep, need to add her." I was putting you on there the moment I saw you. You're not the only one with a bad memory. It's why I'm staying logged in so I can see everyone and hopefully be reminded. Which reminds me..

lol Well least I know I am not the only one with the bad memory. xP
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OMG I see me on there ^_^ Thank you so much hun <3 This is my first trade review EVER :D I love making ports for you. Glad you apreciate the speed I work at and the detail I put into my work.
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New addition!
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Lobby-kins, you know the love when you see it.

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Thank you, Lovely.~ <3
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I miss yous!! <333  Thanks again luvvie.

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Did I see me on there?

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There you go. n_n;
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Don't forget Child for Tyler. :3

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+ Baroque n_n!
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Aw, thank you, sweetie! xD I'd give you a glowing review just for being so durned polite, if I actually had a review list... Which I don't. Phooey.


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Those words alone are enough for me. -bow- I appreciate the appreciation and again thank you! The lack of review list is kinda for the better I'm sure. It clutters up your time box and I always hate that nagging feeling of forgetting someone. <3
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Mini-update, nothing entirely added just yet.
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+ The one and only Hugo Weaving folks.
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Plus someone!
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+ Astraea (yep, yep!)
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Re: Plus someone!
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Quote from: "Superman"
+ Astraea (yep, yep!)

<3 Thank you! It was indeed very smooth and I would be glad to trade with you again. ^^

Contact on Furcadia: Trinity

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Oiy Vey..
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+ My very first severe encounter via Cloud/Arley
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+ Akarui-Kurai

Sorry it took so long..!
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Sometimes it's sad when people feel the need to act childish. I hope this doesn't discourage you from being on FAM Supe. Know that those who love you, love ya more than anyone could ever hate you. <3 ^_^ You're awesome and super polite. Plus you're the only one that can commish me when my ports are closed ^_~ Thats gotta mean something right?
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You're a dear-heart, precious, and thank you for your words of encouragment. You are a true friend and I am very--extremely grateful to have you. Yes you mean a lot! <3 I just felt people should know what they either already know and have been concealing and not speaking up about, or simply are just unaware of. It's time someone spoke their mind about these antics. -nods sagely- Thank you again, Lobster.
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*wavewavewave* I second that Lobsel! Yeah I'm sorry for what that childish kid has put you through emotionally, never listen to what he says and any future messages received ... Delete them or report him for harassment.
There are many people around here who love ya Supey! Don't forget that! <333

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Quote from: "Superman"
You're a dear-heart, precious, and thank you for your words of encouragment. You are a true friend and I am very--extremely grateful to have you. Yes you mean a lot! <3 I just felt people should know what they either already know and have been concealing and not speaking up about, or simply are just unaware of. It's time someone spoke their mind about these antics. -nods sagely- Thank you again, Lobster.

Anytime hun ^_~ And yus. I think people need to know what they're getting into with people like that. Kudos for you're taking a stand <3
They will not force us. They will stop degrading us. They will not control us. We will be victorious.

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My hands slide up from your chest to stroke the nape of your neck. They make their way towards your face, I gently cup your cheeks. I twist your head and snap your neck because I cannot stand you.